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Milano - Triennale di Milano – Flavio Lucchini – Ricomincio da 90 – Party Photographs

Triennale di Milano
Flavio Lucchini – Ricomincio da 90

The Triennale di Milano museum was the venue chosen to celebrate Flavio Lucchini’s 90th birthday with the title Ricomincio da 90 – I start over at 90 - his journey through fashion as creator
 of the most important magazines, art director, editor, artist. Presented during the evening, the video-report, entitled La Moda in Altro Modo, images and testimonies on the golden years of Italian fashion of which Flavio Lucchini was protagonist, it features contributions by Oliviero Toscani and Giovanni Gastel, the project is by Gisella Borioli, and the documentary is directed by Giovanni Gastel. Also presented, the book Il Destino – Dovevo Fare il Contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista) Lucchini’s autobiography and the GHOST installation, four sculptures by the artist, Lucchini on show in the garden of the Triennale, until November 30.
Flavio Lucchini - Il Destino
Dovevo Fare il Contadino ma ho incontrato la moda
(e non sono uno stilista)
book cover designed by Luna Veraldi Lucchini
Flavio’s granddaughter
Renata Mohlo, Gisella Borioli, Luna Veraldi Lucchini, Tiziana Valieri, Viola Veraldi Lucchini, Flavio Lucchini, Michela Moro, Oliviero Toscani and Giovanni Gastel

“Flavio Lucchini is a versatile figure, inclined to move among different subjects with the capacity to combine talent scouting qualities and great editorial abilities,
ranging, in his career, from the creation of some of the most innovative Italian fashion magazines to the establishment of Superstudio in Milan, location of exchange and intersections of contemporary languages. It is thus well deserved the recognition that Triennale of Milan – whose mission is highlighting the highest expressions of the world of design and creativity – today gives to a protagonist of Italian and international fashion”.
Stefano Boeri

President of Triennale di Milano
Gisella Borioli and Stefano Boeri
Thumbnails grid taken from press release
Flavio Lucchini was the protagonist and anticipator of the editorial fashion culture of the 60’s/ 70’s/ 80’s who has over the last thirty years turned his creativity into art. 
After studying Architecture in Venice and Fine Arts at Accademia di Brera in Milan, Lucchini since an early age stands out for his innovative quality and the modernity of his graphic work. He successfully created the most important and innovative Italian fashion magazines; Amica, Vogue Italia, Lei/ Glamour, Moda, Donna, Mondo Uomo. He discovered new talents in photography, graphics, journalism and showcased Italian design and designers. In 1983 he founded Superstudio 13, the first center for photography and image, later adding Superstudio Piu, the comprehensive hub dedicated to fashion, art, design and communication. Since 1990, he dedicates himself exclusively to art, with the particular mission: removing from fashion the suspect of being ephemeral and making it eternal, exploring and researching through his Dress Art, the mystery of the women dress.
Vogue Italia cover with Twiggy - 1967 - Yves Saint Laurent with Lucchini - Paris 1971 - first cover Donna 1980 - photo by Oliviero Toscani Giovanni Gastel with Lucchini in the artist’s archive-gallery at Superstudio Piu, Gianni Versace and Lucchini - London 1983 - book cover of “Il Destino”; Lucchini with Oliviero Toscani at Superstudio 13 - Dress Memory  - chalk - 2004.

Giovanna Borletti, Flavio Lucchini, Clino Castelli
Nanni Strada

Oliviero Toscani and Michela Moro

Toni Thorimbert, Giovanni Gastel and Gisella Borioli

Stefano Giovannoni and Cristina Morozzi
Gaja Lucchini

Laura Lusuardi and Francesco Alberoni

Maria Vittoria and Giorgio Backhaus
 Piero Gemelli and Maria Vittoria Baravelli

Lina Sotis, Daniela Morera and Dalia Benatoff Palladino
Flavio Lucchini – Dolls
Luna Veraldi Lucchini – Coco Pignata and Viola Veraldi Lucchini

Marina Rovera and Isa Tutino

Claudio La Viola

Gianni Brancaccio and Giulia Borioli

Laura Lusuardi and Cristina Brigidini

Romeo Gigli and Barbara Radice

Titti Fabiani and Dino Betti van der Noot

Micaela Sessa, Lucca Stoppini, Maily Zegna and Anna Gastel

Avi Meroz

 Photograph Oliviero Toscani – courtesy Flavio Lucchini

Flavio Lucchini – Totem

Pierpaolo Pitacco and Manfredi Bellati

Alain Journo and Donatella Pellini

Bob Krieger

Genevieve and Gabrio Bini

Ginevra Falzoni

Giovanni Gastel, Daniela Morera and Fabio Belloti

Diego Della Palma

Mimma Gini and Pina Gandolfi

Andreina Longhi

Francesca Taroni and Tommaso Basilio

Luca Stoppini and Donatella Sartorio

Bruna Rossi

Claudio Luti and Maria Castelli Luti

Giulio and Silvia Cappellini 

 Danilo Pasqua


Image copyright Jason Horowitz/zefa/Corbis – Courtesy Flavio Lucchini

Flavio Lucchini – Vogue

MyOwnGallery  - Flavio Lucchini
Art-Bazar - Exhibition
Superstudio – until December 21 - 90 art works on view - a final auction will benefit a new project to introduce special needs to kids in art.
Undergallery - Flavio Lucchini – Gallery Archives
by appointment at SuperstudioPiu
Book City - La Moda in Altro Modo – Documentary
daily showing 4pm - November 14-18

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