Monday, May 18, 2020

Pace Gallery – Zoom Preview Opening – Nigel Cooke – Midnights - Online Exhibition

“…celebrate the peaceful unity of the night, the precious value isolation holds for creative expression.”
Nigel Cooke

Pace Gallery
Nigel Cooke – Midnights
Digital Studio Visit – Online Exhibition

Via Zoom, Pace Gallery presented the solo online exhibition, until June 2, of Nigel Cooke: Midnights with a digital studio visit moderated by Pace Gallery’s Curatorial Director Mark Beasley.   Midnights comprises a series of 6 new works on paper that build on the artist’s recent presentation at Pace Gallery in New York, which reflect the artist’s continued exploration of abstraction during quarantine over the past months.

Nigel Cooke

Copyright - Nigel Cooke - Courtesy Pace Gallery

These large-scale drawings, composed with dark hues of blue and black, were made after twilight while Cooke was in isolation at his studio in Canterbury, UK this March and April. As an artist, Cooke shares that he is “naturally self-isolating,” but has taken this extra step of working in the night to “fall out of step with the schedule of the local world one extra degree,” a state which “feels more recognizable as the usual conditions for art making.”

Nigel Cooke – Midnight – Islands 

“Midnight blue has become the core dark light of these new paintings on paper, weaving together an acceptance of what is, and a hope for what might come in a single unbroken gesture. It speaks to me of the darkest point before the return of the light. Made after twilight, these works are in a sense an inversion of the previous way of working, the same approach flipped for a parallel but unfamiliar moment.”
Nigel Cooke

The artist notes that creating at night allows for “a space for deeper thought” and the works in this series “celebrate the peaceful unity of the night, the precious value isolation holds for creative expression.” 

 Copyright - Nigel Cooke - Courtesy Pace Gallery

Nigel Cooke – Midnight – Horizon

Mark Beasley
Pace Gallery - Curatorial Director

 The Studio
All proceeds from the first sale will be donated to the NHS Charities Together, to benefit patients and healthcare workers affected by

Unless otherwise stated all photos are Zoom screenshots

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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Zoom Preview – Friedman Benda X Glenn Adamson - Design in Dialogue #12: Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Marlene Huissoud

Zoom Screenshot

Zoom Preview
Friedman Benda X Glenn Adamson – Design in Dialogue
Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Marlene Huissoud

Schloss Hollenegg for Design's, curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein and bio-designer Marlene Huissoud joined via Zoom American design curator and historian Glenn Adamson to discuss Walden, the upcoming virtual exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg, featuring a hand-knotted rug designed by Huissoud and inspired by insects.
Marlene Huissoud
Designer in Residence – Schloss Hollenegg

 “It is the time to bring nature back in our everyday life; not the romanticized, sanitized, domesticated version of it, but the gritty, wild stuff.”
As part of the world’s first online - Virtual Design Festival - produced by Dezeen in the historic rooms of Schloss Hollenegg the upcoming design exhibition entitled Walden is online May 9-31 and curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein. The theme Walden is an emphasis on nature and seclusion which seems to be even more relevant in the current situation. Many of the projects in the exhibition are self-sufficient about finding a new approach to doing, making, living.

Designers in Residence
crafting plastics! / Charlap Hyman & Herrero / Marlène Huissoud / Klemens Schillinger
Sophie Dries / Arvid & Marie / BNAG / Thomas Ballouhey / Thomas Barger / Commonplace Studio / Marianne Drews / Jonas Edvard / Linde Freya / Marc Leschelier / mischer’traxler / Odd Matter / Marylou Petot /
Studio B Severin / Studiotut / Study O Portable / Evalie Wagner / Sander Wassink

Alice Stori Liechtenstein

“I am interested in the viability of utilizing insects and their waste streams to create future craft artifacts.”

Marlene Huissoud has collaborated with cc-tapis to produce Swarm a hand-knotted rug inspired by the constant movement of insects. Born in a family of beekeepers, Marlene’s passion for insects is reflected in the design of this rug, her first commercial project. Based on her detailed sketches, the rug intends to celebrate the importance of insects as their unique presence in the world is declining and in the past decade alone 40% of insect species in the world have gone extinct. Swarm is completely hand-knotted by Tibetan artisans. It is made using traditional eco-friendly production techniques with no dyes, chemicals or acids only un-dyed Himalayan wool.

Marlene Huissoud
Swarm Rug - produced by cc-tapis

Friedman Benda X Glenn Adamson – Design in Dialogue

Friedman Benda - Design in Dialogue - a series of online interviews hosted by curator and historian Glenn Adamson, which feature leading voices from the field – designers – makers – critics - curators - as they discuss their work and ideas. Conversations are held on Zoom at 11am EST - Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays.
Glenn Adamson

 photograph - Federico Floriani - courtesy Schloss Hollenegg for Design
Schloss Hollenegg for Design
Walden - Virtual Online Exhibition

The exhibition can be viewed on the castle’s websites and on Instagram - @schlosshollenegg - - on tour Saturday - May 9 - 7pm CET - a live tour of the Schloss Hollenegg castle and its new design exhibition Walden will be conducted by curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Venice – Zoom Press Conference – Ocean Space – TBA21-Academy

Photograph courtesy Casadorofungher

 "In recent months we have witnessed a progressive emptying of Venice, due to the dramatic effects of the pandemic from Covid-19 which forced most of the world to a common lock-down. Many of the major international events have suspended. A tragedy, of course. But Venice has rediscovered that solidarity and that strong sense of innate community that had already emerged during the big water emergency. Furthermore, not all evil comes to harm: The Lagoon has returned to breathe, free from the swell. The water is transparent, and you can see fish swimming, birds and other animals. The rhythms are slowed down, leaving space for reflection and the passage of time that follow the cycles of nature. And here we want to insert ourselves, with initiatives that want to intercept and interpret all the driving force of this moment, imagining together with the Venetians what will come next. "
Markus Reymann
director of TBA21 – Academy and Ocean Space

The Reflected City
Three - Digital Initiatives

In this moment of profound transformation, Ocean Space and its parent organization TBA21 – Academy presented via Zoom a series of digital initiatives dedicated to Venice and its lagoon under the title The Reflected City, confirming their great commitment on the territory and their attention to environmental issues. They will be dedicated to the Lagoon and its sustainability, pending the Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation exhibition in the Chiesa di San Lorenzo.
La Citta Riflessa

Photograph - Enrico Fiorese - courtesy Casadorofungher

The Reflected City
# 1 - Nowtilus - Podcast - in Italian
Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century

Nowtilus, stories from an urban lagoon of the 21st century, is the program of eight original podcasts - conducted by Enrico Bettinello and edited together with Alice Ongaro Sartori they will be broadcasted on TBA21 - Academy Radio – from April 24 – every two weeks –  and will deepen, with the intervention of guests from the world of literature, science, sustainable fishing, various issues related to the lagoon sustainability and the city of Venice.   How to restore the delicate balance between humanity and nature in the city that par excellence reflects the relationship between man and the sea?

Ocean Space - Chiesa di San Lorenzo

Enrico Bettinello

Alice Ongaro Sartori

 Photograph – Gianluca Moro - courtesy Casadorofungher

Nowtilus’s first guest – April 24 – will be the Venetian writer Tiziano Scarpa, winner of the 2009 Strega Prize with the novel Stabat Mater, he will talk about Venice through the physical and emotional experiences that can only be done in this city.

Tiziano Scarpa

  Photograph – Shaul Bassi - courtesy Casadorofungher

The Reflected City
# 2 - Dear Venice – Digital Project
A call to artists

This is a "call to action" directed at artists, who collaborate with TBA21−Academy, in order to reflect upon the current global crisis, caused by COVID-19, which is specifically tangible in the case of Venice. The Acqua Alta, the red zone, and the pandemic are facing the city with critical questions it has long been able to avoid. In solidarity with all Venetians, but also to stimulate this debate and to rethink the very identity and future of our city, Ocean Space and TBA21−Academy is asking its network and community of artists, to make contributions: to send messages to Venice both of affection and solidarity with Venice, in whatever medium they choose, be they images, videos, sound, statements or other. These contributions will be shared through our social media channels and on the platform.

The Reflected City
# 3 - A Different Tide – Digital Project

A Different Tide is a project that collects thoughts and emotions of those in Venice, who are experiencing the current dramatic global health emergency caused by COVID-19. Containment measures have radically impacted all of our lives, also and especially affecting our city, symbolic of an increasing mass tourism. Permanently overcrowded by a constant flow of people, Venice suddenly finds itself empty, suspended and enveloped by a surreal silence.
For all those who wish to be involved in the project. An invitation to contribute is being sent out to a selected groups to build diverse and heterogeneous perspectives and contributions.

Copyright - Territorial Agency – courtesy Casadorofungher

Ocean Space - Chiesa di San Lorenzo
Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation - exhibition

The Reflected City series - above - of digital initiatives dedicated to the Lagoon and its sustainability are projects awaiting the Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation exhibition – hopefully to open - May 20 - at the Chiesa di San Lorenzo – which was commissioned by TBA21 – Academy and curated by Daniela Zyman. The videos are synthesizes of three years of inter-sectional research, commissioned by TBA21–Academy that investigates the transformation of the world oceans during the Anthropocene. Assessing the latest scientific knowledge about the effects of a wide array of human-induced interference's on marine and coastal ecosystems, the project reiterates the critical role of the oceans in respect to planetary survival. TBA21–Academy and Territorial Agency have collaborated with a network of researchers and institutions to give exposure to new forms of visibility and understanding of the ocean brought by science, culture and art.

Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation
The rapid depletion of coastal ecosystems in the Mississippi delta, combined with sea level rise scenarios.

Copyright - Territorial Agency – courtesy Casadorofungher

Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation
Reykjanes Ridge multibeam sonar sound in the Atlantic Ocean

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