Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Milano: a vintage eye-glasse shop

Foto Veneta – Ottica: vintage glasses.   Hidden on the first floor of a scruffy building on the central Via Torino is a treasure trove of vintage glasses.  Now that vintage glasses are in style and even such myopic beauties as Margherita Missoni are not shy to be photographed wearing lenses, here you can find over 30,000 spectacles to choose from.  Formerly the shop dealt in photographic equipment and in the 1960’s it also became famous for it’s collection of vintage eyeglasses, some of which, are not for sale, and belong to the private collection of Giorgio Bisello dating back to the 18th Century.
Foto Veneta – Ottica: Via Torino, 57 - Tel. 02805573

A detail.  Just one of the drawers filled with vintage specs.   The prices are very reasonable; they range from 30 – 120 Euros.
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