Friday, April 29, 2016

Milano: Fuori Salone – Airbnb presents Makers and Bakers with Ambra Medda at Ristorante Marta for Salone 2016

  Photography by Cristian Castelnuovo - courtesy Cameron pr

Milano: Fuori Salone – Airbnb Presents Makers and Bakers  with Ambra Medda at Ristorante Marta for Salone 2016.  Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, presented Makers and Bakers at Ristorante Marta in the Spazio Rossana Orlandi, created in collaboration with curator Ambra Medda, this installation evoked a sensory experience for guests around the notion of the shared table. Makers and Bakers also provided a platform for 25 global designers to create and show work, demonstrating Airbnb’s ongoing commitment to championing emerging talent.
Above. Lucrecia Bakir, Maria Foerlev, Zelmira Frers, Silvestre Frers and Viola Romoli. 

Thing Industries – New Zealand - Banana Pillow  

   Photography - courtesy Cameron pr

Dossofiorito – Balena

 Dossofiorito – Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo – Italy. Balena - Italian for whale - is a suspended carafe that, once filled, creates a counter-balance and pours effortlessly from its marble stand.

Favorite Airbnb Listing: #4715505 Bothy by the Sea, United Kingdom

 Study O Portable – Erasing Brick

Study O Portable - Bernadette Deddens and Tetsuo Mukai Netherlands and Japan, are holding Pearl Section salt cellar, which is made from layers of pigmented ceramic resin.

Favorite Airbnb Listing: #6579819 Lighthouse Villa Korkyra, Croatia

“Shared meals exemplify everything that is unique about Airbnb – immersive experiences, friends, both new and old, and invigorating conversation, to be able to champion global emerging design around the concept of the communal table brings so much of what we value to the fore.”
Joe Gebbia, co-founder and CPO of Airbnb

Phil Cuttance – Herringbone Vase

Phil Cuttance – New Zealand. The Herringbone vases are a result of his continued interest in casting complex three-dimensional forms, producing sculptural pieces that create a still life on the table. Although they appear machine-made due to their intricacy, they are in fact created using simple handmade methods.
Favorite Airbnb Listing: #1603216 Cottage by the Sea, Spain


 BCXSY - Sayaka Yamamoto and Boaz Cohen 

The Antipasti

  Photography courtesy Cameron pr
Stephen Bradbourne - New Zealand – Glasses

Sachiko Ito and Matteo Cibic

  Photography - courtesy Cameron pr

Carter Were – New Zealand - organic sprouted and seeded loaves

Bethan Laura Wood - United Kingdom – Garlands

Marta is the restaurant of renowned chef Marta Pulini; where food literally means home, a perfect pairing for Airbnb. The philosophy of Marta Pulini is to create recipes that remind guests of Italian home-made food, her recipes marry tradition and innovation.

Illustrator Zebedee Helm – United Kingdom

English illustrator Zebedee Helm, did live illustrations customizing surfaces walls, tea towels and napkins.

Karl Fritsch – New Zealand - Tea and Jam Spoons



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