Friday, April 29, 2016

Milano: Fuori Salone 2016 – Bisazza – Studio Job

  photograph courtesy Bisazza

"We want to create a collection that is exclusive for the quality of the material and technique. Through the skeletons, violent and innocent, their direct graphic forms depict our times, which are extravagant and violent...”

Studio Job
Milano: Fuori Salone 2016 – Bisazza – Studio Job. At the flagship showroom Bisazza presented new decorative mosaics marked by a decidedly contemporary vibe, designed by the Studio Job duo: Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel.
Above. The Perished design embodies the neo-Gothic style. A graphic motif featuring animal skeletons portrays a taunting danse macabre. Created using a digital technique.

Rossella Bisazza

Studio Job - Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel

 photograph courtesy Bisazza

Bisazza – Studio Job.  In the Silhouette Turquoise pattern, we once again see the extremely personal, poetic expression of the Antwerp pair. Attentive research into detail and the “playful”, unexpected overlapping of everyday objects and figures of a different nature create a three-dimensional, hyper-decorated pattern.

Marcel Wanders

Ferruccio Laviani

photograph courtesy Bisazza

Bisazza – Studio Job. The Industry Amber decorative motif alludes to Britain’s Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. In a modern and decidedly singular texture, symbolic objects from that period -- including steam engines, locomotive wheels, work tools and industrial buildings -- are juxtaposed, lending an effect of depth and wrought in warm shades of amber.  


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