Thursday, April 28, 2016

Milano: Salone del Mobile – 2016 – Galleria Rossana Orlandi

Milano: Salone del Mobile – 2016 – Galleria Rossana Orlandi. Always a refreshing stop to see Rossana Orlandi selection of international designers in one of the most fascinating spaces and courtyards of Milan.
Above. G+G – Spirit of Design – RAR Plastic Armchairs – Charles and Ray Eames – Vitra – 1950.

Rossana Orlandi

Daniel Rybakken – Secant Mobile – 2016 – J’Hills Standard

“The Secant project is about visual and semiotic contrast; the crystal disc communicates something pure, fragile and elevated in value, whilst the machined aluminum parts and the pulley communicate the industrial.”
Daniel Rybakken

The mobile moves in counter poise. When one disc is lowered or heightened, the other disc moves in the opposite direction. It is constructed from hand cut crystal glass discs, anodised aluminium and is connected together with a spliced rope. The mobile show the strength, utility and refractive qualities of glass used in a way that both builds on and usurps the tradition. It is lit from a single point above and functions both as an installation and light piece.

Allegra Hicks

BCXSY - Si Light

“The Si light is an innovative flexible light. Literally.  It was inspired by the magical aesthetics of light paintings and the graceful dance of ribbon in rhythmic gymnastics. With its warm glow, the Si light introduces a whole new dimension to illumination, making it possible to alter the shape of light itself into any desired form.”
Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto

Studio Wieki Somers – Still Waters – 2016 – Thomas Eyck

For the 2016 collection, Thomas Eyck collaborated with Studio Wieki Somers and commissioned them to design a series of objects centered on the theme of “water”. Wieki Somers and Dylan van den Berg went on to create “Still Waters”, a series of five glass vases which each form a poetic representation of a stage in the water cycle.
Above. Thomas Eyck with Narcissus Vase, inspired by the painting 'Narcissus' by Caravaggio; a metaphor for the destructive relationship between men and nature.  The vase shows an isolated flower in a pool of oil.


Studio Wieki Somers – Ice Flower – 2016 - ­Thomas Eyck

Ice Flower is an ice-like cube referring to Global Seed Vault on Spitsbergen. A pile of glass plates with petals in between which create a depth and new scene with the actual living flower.


Studio Wieki Somers – Water Levels – Crystal Glass – 2016 – drawing – Thomas Eyck

Water Levels is inspired on the present theme of continuously measuring our water levels due to the climate change. The composition with flowers, volumes within volumes, use of different water levels and a mirror base, together create an unexpected layering.

Viola Romoli

 Flower designer - Sachiko Ito

Valeria Manzi and Barnaba Fornasetti

“Backstage” at Rossana Orlandi - Tatiana Uzlova and Marco Tabasso

Tobia Scarpa – PAN 999 – 1992 – San Lorenzo Srl
Cooking with Pure Silver

The result of a lengthy research process, on the use of 999 Pure Silver and the development of a new system, the new PAN 999 collection of cooking utensils, designed by Tobia Scarpa is made out of Pure Iron on the outside and Pure Silver on the inside.


Piet Hein Eek – Gold Marble Wallpaper – PHM-80

Piet Hein Eek – Waxine Old Lamps Table Lights

Having incorporated old lampshades in large chandeliers Piet Hein Eek now uses the same old shades as a basis to make an old lampshade tea light. The old lampshades are each selected and fitted with a made-to-measure base.


Andrea Branzi – Porto consolle - 2016 - Ghidini 1961

The company Ghidini 1961, a specialist in die casting brass, aluminium and zamak, in 2016 created, a new design brand under the art direction of Stefano Giovannoni, who put together a diversified creative team able to enhance the properties of brass, a valued material which features golden tones and reflections, pleasant to the touch for its warm and velvety surface, and so far unjustly disregarded by contemporary design.

 Stefano Giovannoni – Rabbit door stopper – 2016 – Ghidini 1961

Elisa Giovannoni – Axonometry trays – 2016 – Ghidini 1961

Alvaro Catalan de Ocon - above - and Francesco Faccin – Riad Table – 2015

“During a visit in Marrakesh in 2014 we ran across in a workshop of cement tiles; we’ve been fascinated by the manufacturing process and by the strong visual expressiveness of this product so common in our houses”.


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