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Venice: Ca Rezzonico – The Venice International Foundation Gala Dinner


Venice: Ca Rezzonico – The Venice International Foundation Gala dinner. “Seeing Double" …Yes, this year’s annual dinner of the members of  The Venice International Foundation, was not only to raise money for the Sublime Canova project, but also to consign two cheques for funding of two separate projects and two Cotisso awards.  The dinner was held in the gardens of the Ca Rezzonico, the Museum of Eighteenth Century Art. The organization, together with its sister company Friends of Venice Italy Inc. promotes cultural and research activities, with particular reference to the Venetian Civic Museums, and raises funds to finance their activities for specific projects.
Above.  The administrative council of The Venice International Foundation; Giustina Destro, Angela Vettese, Paolo Cantarella, president Franca Coin and Guido Venturini.

“Seeing Double” - Two Cheques. One for the Sublime Canova project at the Museo Correr and the other for the exhibition catalog of the porcelains of the Marino Nani Mocenigo Collection now on exhibition at Ca Rezzonico, until November 30.

 photograph courtesy Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

Double - Take: # 1. Sublime Canova Project. Antonio Canova – Venere Italica – Gesso, 1811.  The Sublime Canova project will help finance the three-room wing display of Antonio Canova’s works: sketches, models, plaster and marble statues in the Correr Museum located in Saint Mark’s Square. Sublime Canova is a fundraising initiative benefiting Venice’s Civic Museums, promoted by The Venice International Foundation and Friends of Venice, Italy, Inc., with the widespread patronage and involvement of UNESCO and international private committees.

 photograph courtesy Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

Double - Take: # 2. Meissen (model by Johann Joachim Kandler) - The Polish Kiss - Venezia Nani Mocenigo Collection – Le Gallais. The catalog of the porcelains in the Marino Nani Mocenigo Collection was financed by The Venice International Foundation. The Venetian, count Marino Nani Mocenigo, an emblematic collector dedicated his existence to forming a collection of porcelain. Such was his obsession that he was given the affectionate nickname of “count cup” by his fellow citizens. The exhibition at Ca Rezzonico, until November 30, presents 338 pieces produced by the most important manufactories of Europe, with a predominant focus on 100 Venetian articles, including some splendid examples by Vezzi, two very rare coffee-pots by Hewelcke, almost all the figural groups made by Pasquale Antonibon at Nove and Geminiano Cozzi in Venice, constituting the most conspicuous and important part of the exhibition. Perhaps the most famous work in the collection is a delightful Geographer by Geminiano Cozzi.  Visitors can also admire some of the most famous works to have been produced by the Meissen factory, modeled by Johann Joachim Kandler and by Peter Reinicke, such as The Polish Kiss, The Chinese Girl, The Hunter, together with some astonishing dinner services, also from Meissen, dating from the early 18th century; one of these with gold decorations, and another in white porcelain with still lives of fruit.

Christian Prearo, Franca Coin and Montblanc Italia’s CEO Jens Henning Koch

Giustina Destro and Walter Hartsarich

 Alessandra Mancino, Piergiorgio Coin and Paola Forni

Angela Vettese and Paolo Cantarella

Mina Baggio, Giusi Conti and Clara Cantarella

Tatiana and Vittorio Tabacchi with Nereo Destro

Flavio Caggiula and Patrizia Impresa

Massimo Scolari, Gabriella Belli and Laura Silvestrini

Suomi and Nadia La Valle

Ladies in white.  Laura de Santillana, Daniela Ferretti and Barbara Foscari


Montblanc - Annual Edition 2003. The Venetian Carnival Coviello Fountain Pen. The cap is in Meissen porcelain and is hand painted, the nib is in 18-carat gold.

 Maurizio and Barbara Sammartini

  Giuliana Dall’Ora, Mita De Benedetti, Liliana Moscheri and Rossana Sacchi Zei

  Valquiria Diorato and Daniele D’Este

Francesco Coin takes a photograph of Cecilia Matteucci wearing Miu Miu, the 1960s snake watch bracelet is by Bulgari.

Paola Forni and Cecilia Matteucci

Angela Vettese, Laura de Santillana, Adele Re Rebaudengo, Fabio Moretti and Daniela Ferretti

Giordana Naccari and Pierre Rosenberg

Jean-Ghislain Lepic and Eleonore De Boysson

The Marino Nani Mocenigo Collection. The director of the Correr Museum, Andrea Bellieni and Alberto Craievich, curator of the exhibition conducted a special pre-pre-view of the Marino Nani Mocenigo Collection before the porcelains went on show in the museum. 

The Marino Nani Mocenigo Collection. Part of the large selection of cups and saucers by the imperial manufacture of Vienna dating from the Sorgenthal period, all characterized by an astonishing use of color and bold combination of ornamental motifs. The exhibition is on show at the Ca Rezzonico museum until November 30 and is curated by Marcella Ansaldi and Alberto Craievich.

Mita De Benedetti and Hugues Le Gallais

Paola Tommasini, Alberto Craievich and Giuseppe Pavanello

The al fresco gala dinner was held in the gardens of Ca Rezzonico.

“Seeing Double” - The Cotisso Venice Foundation 2014 Awards.  For the first time in eight years the Cotisso Award was given to two recipients, Marina Cavazzana and Aldo Cazzullo.
Above. Giustina Destro, Angela Vettese, Paolo Cantarella, Marina Cavazzana, Aldo Cazzullo, Franca Coin and Guido Venturini.

“Seeing Double” - The Corisso Venice Foundation 2014 Awards # 1. As the president of The Venice International Foundation, Franca Coin looks on, Paolo Cantarella gives the first Cotisso award to Marina Cavazzana. “The Venetian pediatrician, Marina Cavazzana is the, director of the department of bio therapeutics in the Necker Hospital, Paris, where for more than twenty years she has successfully applied gene therapy as a cure for childhood leukemia and severe deficiency of the immune system that targets the so-called "baby-bulles" forced to live in a kind of completely sterile bubble. Marina represents abroad the best of Italy, as well as her elegant Venetian-ness: this is the reason for the award.” Franca writes.

“Seeing Double” - The Cotisso Venice Foundation 2014 Awards # 2. The recipients of the 2014 Cotisso Venice Foundation Awards, Marina Cavazzana and Aldo Cazzullo.  “The second award goes to Corriere della Sera journalist Aldo Cazzullo, a keen observer of our society, the author of numerous essays and a novel. He receives the award for his deep and abiding commitment to the preservation of Italian heritage and Venice in particular. In his book, L’Italia s’è Ridesta. Viaggio nel Paese che Resiste e Rinasce (Italy hath been awakened. Travels in the country that resists and is reborn), he writes about Italian cities, including Venice, and cites, as a positive example, the restoration of the mosaics of the Dome of Creation which was funded by The Venice International Foundation."

“Seeing Double” – The Cotisso Venice Foundation Award. The two awardees received the Cotisso award, a glass sculpture created by the young designer Giordana Naccari, a Montblanc Meisterstuck 90th Anniversary fountain pen and Giulia Foscari's book Elements of Venice, forwarded by Rem Koolhaas. Montblanc is a partner with The Venice International Foundation for the Sublime Canova project.

“Seeing Double” – The Cheques # 1. The first cheque for 260 thousand Euro was given to the director of the Correr Museum, Andrea Bellieni as a commitment and guarantee to finance the Sublime Canova project with the hope that it will only be the first portion of a total investment of two million Euro in order to establish a Great Correr in a few years time.

“Seeing Double” – The Cheques # 2. Of lesser entities, but also of great significance, the second cheque presented during the dinner, for ten thousand Euro, was given for the exhibition catalog of the Marino Nani Mocenigo Collection, it was collected by art historian, head of the Ca Rezzonico Museum and co-curator of the exhibition Alberto Craievich, here with Franca Coin.

The table Setting and The menu

Tagliatina di Tonno con Pistacchio, Spinacetti e Asparagi
Raviolo di Spigola con Melanzane e Pomodorini
Filetto d’Orata con Olive Taggiasche e Capperi di Sicilia
Gran Buffet de “I dolci di Pompeo”
Caffe con Biscottini Fatti in Casa

Victoria and Alessandro Diaz de Santillana

Adele Re Rebaudengo sheds light, with her iPhone, for Franca Coin as she reads a piece by Theodore Roosevelt title: "To all those who have had the courage to conceive a great idea and devote themselves to implement it, at any cost."

The Dinner

  Guido and Giulia Venturini with Tonci Foscari

Caterina Tognon

  The Gran Buffet  - I Dolci di Pompeo

 Maria Egizia Fiaschetti, Paola Angoletta and Umberto Branchini

Mara Zanette and Claudio Franzini

Franca Coin with the Montblanc goodie bag given to all the guests together with a The Venice International Foundation magazine edited by Cinzia Boscolo.

The Sublime Canova Project
The Venice International Foundation
 Friends of Venice, Italy Inc.


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