Saturday, June 28, 2014

Milano: Capra e Cavoli Restaurant

Milano: Capra e Cavoli Restaurant.   I am always on the look out for Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants; at Capra e Cavoli (goat and cabbage) you get the best of both worlds.  It’s fun to go there and discover new shops, boutiques and restaurants along the way, as it is located in the old world neighborhood of L’Isola, which is now becoming the cool new area of Milan, where all the big skyscrapers are going up ready for Expo 2015. On entering the restaurant a giant wall photograph of a garden occupies the whole back wall and together with all the plants and outdoor umbrellas scattered around, convey the impression of being in a garden and the sensation of eating al fresco.  From the windows you can see the tall new buildings going up and the quaint objects, in the nooks and crannies contribute to a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.


Capra e Cavoli.  The charismatic chef owner Barbara Clementina Ferrario prepares Gnocchi ai Fiori di Campo con Lavanda e una Fondutella di Parmigiano, gnocchi with field flowers, lavender and a fondue Parmesan sauce.  Though her cuisine is mostly Vegetarian and Vegan, she also includes a few light meat and fish dishes in her menu and aesthetics play a big role.  “At Capra e Cavoli we offer contemporary cuisine, healthy and creative, which respects the aromas and natural flavors of the ingredients. We hope you’ll discover the same sensations and emotions that we had when we created them for you.” She adds.

Capra e Cavoli.  A Ginger Caipirinha is served as an aperitivo.  The atmosphere is relaxed and at the weekends the Brunch menu, which offers all you can eat, is very sought after.

Tre Pate Vegetali su Millefoglie di Chiacchiere Salate
 Three vegetable pate served on a salted mille-feuille 

Tortino di Basmati Rosa,  Alliettato da Gamberetti, Rucola Selvatica, Delicatissima Salsa al Limone
 Heartened Pink Basmati with shrimp, wild arugula and a delicate lemon sauce

  Torta Pistacchio e Crema

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