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Venice: The Bauer Hotel – Assouline Bookstore Boutique Opening

Venice: The Bauer Hotel – Assouline Bookstore Boutique Opening.  With a the ribbon cutting ceremony and a cocktail party, Assouline, the internationally renowned publisher of luxury lifestyle titles, which creates the most sophisticated books in the world, celebrated the opening of their first Assouline boutique in Venice, located within The Bauer Hotel. Together with Martine and Propser Assouline, their illustrious Venetian “authors”, doing the honors of cutting the red ribbon, Harry’s Bar, Arrigo Cipiani, who later signed copies of his book Simply Italian.
Above. Francesco Veleno Alberto Nardi Martine Assouline, Arrigo Cipriani, Attilio Codognato and Barbara Cibin.

The ribbon cutting was followed by cheers from well wishers passing by.

Assouline – Venetian “author” # 1.  Arrigo Cipriani signed copies of his book Simply Italian.
Simply Italian – Cipriani. Founded in 1931 in Venice by Giuseppe Cipriani, the mythical Harry’s Bar is world-renowned for its Italian simplicity and sophistication. Originally opened as a bar, it was transformed into a restaurant and went on to welcome some of the most legendary names in cinema, literature, the arts, and more, from Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, and Truman Capote to Barbara Hutton, Peggy Guggenheim, and Woody Allen. The fabled establishment is also known for having served as the birthplace of the Bellini cocktail and carpaccio. Simply Italian offers recipes and tips from Arrigo Cipriani, Giuseppe’s son and the restaurant’s owner, to make simple yet delicious Italian dishes from Harry’s Bar menu.  From tiramisu and minestrone soup to pappardelle ai funghi and risotto alla parmigiana, this title is the best accessory for lovers of Italian cuisine.

Prosper and Martine Assouline with Venetian jeweler Attilio Codognato

Assouline – Venetian “author” # 2.  Attilio Codognato with a copy of his Codognato book written by Pierre Hebey.
Codognato – Pierre Hebey. Codognato jewelers have been an institution in Venice for more than a century. In 1866, Simeone Codognato opened his shop in the very same spot where it stands today. More than a business venture, the boutique was an act of faith and creativity. Simeone's son discovered the considerable interest of jewels unearthed by contemporary archaeological digs in Etruria, which inspired him to create revolutionary new jewelry. Today, Codognato remains one of the most majestic and mysterious of the great European jewelry houses, a secret destination for style insiders.

The Light of Venice – Jean-Michel Berts

In his fifth volume in Assouline’s successful series, photographer Jean-Michel Berts turns his lens to Venice. For centuries, writers, artists, musicians, poets, and dreamers of all kinds have wandered this captivating city, finding inspiration in its labyrinth of hidden lanes and myriad bridges. In The Light of Venice, Berts guides readers through the twists and turns of his photographic journey, relating through images and journal entries the emotions the city evokes. Venice is the place that awakened his passion for urban photography, and his profound enchantment with Venice is palpable in each image. Accompanied by his “faithful old camera,” and with a prayer to Lumens, his name for the god of photography, Berts reveals La Serenissima through his ethereal black and white photographs taken at daybreak, when the city’s magnificent architecture is shrouded in misty solitude.


 Jeweler Alberto Nardi and Arrigo Cipriani


Assouline – Venetian “author” # 3.  Alberto Nardi with a copy of his book, Nardi written by Nicholas Foulkes.
Nardi – Nicholas Foulkes. In a world of standardized big-name luxury, Nardi is an anomaly. A single-location, family-run shop that’s reserved, sepulchral, and occupying just five arches in a corner of a square, it is a globally renowned synonym for a geographically specific type of glamour. Today, as the shops of international luxury brands descend on the narrow streets of Venice’s San Marco district with their handbags and headscarves, Nardi remains an undiluted expression of an aesthetic that is uniquely and proudly Venetian. 

Catherine Kovesi and Suzanne Press

Enrica Rocca with Soya

Miriam Danesin, Josefina Alzetta and Carla Plessi 

Martine Assouline and Paolo Barozzi

Assouline – Venetian author # 4. Paolo Barozzi with his book Peggy Guggenheim.
Peggy Guggeneheim – Paolo Barozzi. This is the true story of a twenty-year friendship between the author (a Venetian nobleman) and the famous art collector Peggy Guggenheim. Paolo Barozzi recounts the great lady's life, and the reader learns not only about her invaluable collection, but also her relationships with the greatest artists and writers of the time: Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, and Robert Rauschenberg. Recreating the enchanting atmosphere of the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal, Peggy Guggenheim is an homage to the extraordinary woman who became an incarnation of Venice.

Francesco Veleno and Judit Bakonyvari

 Mickey Riad

Assouline Venice

Alexandre Assouline

Nazzarena Bortolazzo and Mimmo Tortaro

Alberto Franchetti

Giulia and Massimo Navoni 

Jacapo Jarach and Adamaria Giammarino

Assouline at The Bauer Hotel. The Assouline boutique bookstore is located on the ground floor of the historic Bauer Hotel, the 30 square meters store can be accessed either trough the hotel itself or directly from Campo San Moise.


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