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Montecchio Maggiore: Fondazione Bisazza – Candida Hofer. Images of Architecture

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Montecchio Maggiore: Fondazione Bisazza – Candida Hofer.  Images of Architecture.  At the Bisazza Foundation for Design and Contemporary Architecture, near Vicenza, Candida Hofer’s exhibition entitled "Candida Höfer. Images of Architecture".  A journey through more than twenty large-format photographs personally chosen by the artist, which are on display until July 27th.

Candida Hofer and Rossella Bisazza

“The subjects of my work are public and semi-public spaces. I prefer them when they are without people. Spaces then seem to tell more about people, what they do for them and what people have been doing to them. Spaces are about light. This is why I photograph them in the light that I find in them, may it be natural or artificial light. Spaces have functions. Functions create similarities. I am fascinated by the differences in these similarities.” Candida Hofer.

Piero Bisazza

Axel Huette and Katlen Hewel

Stefano Casciani

Photograph courtesy Fondazione Bisazza
Fondazione Bisazza – Candida Hofer. Long the preferred subject matter of Candida Hofer's photography are the interiors of public spaces; museums, libraries, public archives, theaters, offices, banks, historic buildings, all photographed with straightforward composition and long exposure times, devoid of any human figures, and illuminated solely by ambient light. Her photographs are known for their unique sharpness and clarity and do not employ any form of digital enhancement. Therefore they offer the viewer the opportunity to establish an exclusive relationship with the space being portrayed, while immersed in solitary contemplation, where every detail, (which might otherwise be invisible), can be captured by the eye.
Above. IES Otero Pedrayo Ourense II 2010_©Candida Hofer, Koln; VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2014.

 Anna Bisazza and Gianluca Sacchetto
Hillary Recordati with Edoardo Cegan and Antonio Riva

Cleto Munari

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati 

Fondazione Bisazza: Candida Hofer.  Images of Architecture 

  Aldo Cibic and Maria Cristina Didero

  Suomi and Nadia La Valle

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati 

Fondazione Bisazza: Candida Hofer.  Images of Architecture

Pietro Los, Eleonora Botti, Jacopo Jarach and Adamaria Giammarino

Elia and Giovanni

Candida Hofer and Herbert Burkert



Fondazione Bisazza: Candida Hofer.  Images of Architecture

Charles Levine, Elisa Stancil and Gary Paul

Cristiano Seganfreddo


Giulia Businello

Chiara Sitzia and Matteo Cibic

  Pupi Thun

Joseph Rossi and Monica Frigo

 Fondazione Bisazza

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