Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Milan 2014: Furniture Fair - Villa Necchi Campiglio - T Magazine Party.


Milan: Furniture Fair  - Villa Necchi Campiglio - T Magazine Party.  The New York Times, T magazine, to celebrate its Design issue, always holds a cocktail party in Milan for the Furniture Fair.  This year’s party was particularly successful, not only for the choice of venue, the beautiful Villa Necchi Campiglio in the center of Milan, but it was also blessed by the heat wave.  Gracious hostess, T magazine’s editor in chief Deborah Needleman and art curator Francesco Bonami greeted guests by the pool. Video artist Derrick Adams projected three of his videos not only on the facade of the villa, but also inside. An impressive who’s who of the design world attended.
Above. Worship, 2012-14 by Derrick Adams created in collaboration with artist Ramon Silva.
 T Magazine’s Design Issue
Host and hostess Francesco Bonami and Deborah Needleman
detail of a Design Week necklace designed by Sveva Camurati 
Sandra Musso, Tom Delavan, Sveva Camurati and Luca Selvi 

 Ambra Medda
Fabrizia Caraciolo di Castagneto, Stephan Janson and Martina Mondadori

Susanne and Matteo Thun

Marco Franchini and Alfredo Haberli

 Alvaro Gonzalez, Inge Sempe and Nick Vinson

Liselotte Watkins and Hundis (which means small dog in Swedish)

Deborah Needleman and Daniel Libeskind

Vincent Van Duysen

Inside the Villa Necchi Campiglio

Vanessa Riding and Michael Chuapoco

Hannah Plumb,  James Russell and Francesca Morroni

Arik Levy and Gaye Cevikel

Fabio and Candela Novembre and Lawrence Steele


Harry Allen

Martino Gamper and Tom Dixon

Barnaba Fornasetti

Romeo and Lara Gigli

Kelly Berg, Stuart Anderson and Oliva Sholler

Orna Norfaber

Christoph Radl and Daniela Morera

Video by Derrick Adams 

Paolo Cesana and Giorgio Guidotti

Bartolomeo Bellati and Romina Djelosevic
Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin 

Anna Dello Russo and Micol Sabbadini

Claudia Monicelli and Rosita Missoni

Roberto Peregalli and Deborah Needleman

Benedetta Cibrario and Allegra Hicks

Benoit Astier de Villatte, Gwen Pasco, Setsuko Klossowski de Rola and Ivan Pericoli

Teresa Maccapani Missoni

Xavier Lust and Nathalie Jean

Yves Behar

Pierre and Vincent Frey

Angela Missoni and Bruno Ragazzi

Erica and Faye Toogood

A statue in the gardens of Villa Necchi Campiglio

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