Tuesday, May 01, 2012

MILANO: Furniture Fair - Ventura Lambrate – Another Terra / Home Away from Home

Ventura Lambrate: Another Terra / Home Away from Home. Another Terra / Home Away from Home is a collective exhibition presenting a series of original works by the designers invited to the annual workshop, part of the IN Residence project, that since 2008 has been held in the unique location of the Residence Du Parc in Torino.  The theme from which the exhibition concept has been inspired provides the chance to think specifically about the way in which human beings are related to the objects around them, which they use on an everyday basis, probing into a radically different environmental context from that of our own everyday experience. 
Above: FormaFantasma’s Inudox.

Another Terra / Home Away from Home. If, by choice or by necessity, we had to envisage life on some other planet other than Earth, what kind of "minimal hand luggage" would we take with us on our journey to other galaxies or a different celestial body with acceptable living conditions for mankind? What kind of traits and properties would we expect of the only "accessory" we are allowed to have with us when landing on some New World for the first time?” Barbara Brondi and Marco Raino.
Above: Studio Besau-Marguerre’s Handgepack.

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