Tuesday, May 01, 2012

MILANO: Furniture Fair - Ventura Lambrate – DHPH and The Treads that Bind Us exhibition

Ventura Lambrate: Bertjan Pot.  Bertjan Pot photographed in front of his chandelier the Downstairs also known as ‘Stairway to heaven’ for Der Herder Production House.  Also in the photograph the Clay furniture collection designed by Maarten Baas for DHPH.


Plus de Design Gallery - The Treads that Bind Us exhibition. In the context of The Treads that Bind Us exhibition at the Plus de Design Gallery, a collective presenting the work of a selection of young designers active on the international scene and sharing the same interest in research into the design and construction of systems, processes and objects adopting a critical approach to input coming from everyday contemporary life, the Bertjan Pot masks featured above.
Above: Bertjan Pot – Masks. Although seemingly these masks tell stories, they started out as a material experiment. Bertjan Pot wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together he could make a large flat carpet.  Instead of flat, the samples got curvy.  When Pot was about to give up on the carpet his assistant Vladi Rapaport came up with the idea of shaping rope into masks.  The possibilities are endless.

Plus de Design Gallery - The Treads that Bind Us exhibition.  Massimo Barbierato – Piccola Riflessione.  “This object is a small reflection on the egocentric nature of man, who tends, by his very nature, to want to see his own image reflection endlessly, everywhere, on things and people.   I believe this problem is remarkably present in our daily lives and society.  We are surrounded by an army of Louis XIVs.   For this reason I thought of mirror with a circular shape which generates a “small reflection” of, and on, oneself.” Massimo Barbierato.

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