Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Ventura Lambrate: Danish Craft

Ventura Lambrate: Danish Crafts – Mindcraft12 exhibition.  Danish Crafts presented the Mindcraft 12 curated by Cecilie Manz. The exhibition showed 16 new works created by some of the finest Danish craftspeople and designers within their field. A common feature for all the selected participants were their focus on quality and their approach to the design process, where function and materials play an essential role. This year's exhibition covered a wide span: From one-off works to prototypes ready for production.
Above: With In Your Big Sunny Window, textile designer Anne Fabricius Møller created what she calls ‘art-in-progress'. The idea is that the large acrylic case should not be opened until its owner decides to pries it open. For the best result, she recommends that the box stays closed for 12 years. After 12 years, the case will reveal a 30-metre length of linen/cotton fabric which will show the signs of fading and the little textile comments left behind by the effects of the light. Before the fabric is placed into the case, it is pinned and rolled up like a rolled turkey joint. This produces parallel wavy lines and a pattern structure resembling a landscape, with the displacements that occur when too much textile is crammed into a small space.  The idea behind this work, says Anne Fabricius Møller, is to mimic a curtain drawn aside that fades in stripes over the years. After a process involving the effects of light and time, the result is a length of fabric with beautifully faded stripes.

Mindcraft12. Glass and ceramic designer Tora Urup contributes to the exhibition with a series of Tumblers and Plates. The tumblers are made in thick clear glass, and the plates in clear and opaline colored glass. The pieces are made in a centrifugal process, where the glass is spun into its shape. This technique produces an expression where the thick glass takes on a round and optical character. The optical effect is apparent when colors’ are reflected in the clear glass. The round character is accentuated by the rounded rim of the tumbler, which is soft and pleasant to drink from; a detail that is a natural result of the production process. With this series, Tora Urup aimed to create glasses and plates with a design that enhances the experience of the material and a series that inspires and invites to serving and enjoying food and drinks.

Mindcraft12. Field of Interference is a composition of unique brooches. Jewelry artist Kaori Juzu created the composition in an open process where shapes, colors and sizes were allowed to meet, interact and affect one another. Each brooch led to the next. Kaori Juzu stages a dialogue between her hand, the metal and the enamel that continues until the point where she is convinced that the piece is finished. Kaori Juzu hopes that the audience will feel drawn into the field of interference that emerges among the individual elements of the composition. The brooches are made of enamel, copper, gold, silver and stainless steel, using basic jewelry techniques, kiln enameling, partial etching and structural joints.
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