Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Backstage at the Antonio Marras 2012 Spring Summer collection.  Backstage after the Antonio Marras show, the designer is photographed with some of his models as Edith Piaf song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien fades into the background.

Backstage: Antonio Marras – the storyboard.  The storyboard shows Marras’s inspiration for the Spring Summer collection. The inspiration is taken from the film The Maids adapted from Jean Genet's play. Two maids Solange and Claire played by Glenda Jackson and Susannah York in the movie; they love and hate their mistress and, while she is out, take turns at dressing up as Madame and transforming her clothes. 

Backstage: Antonio Marras.   The humble garment is embellished, embroidered, and enhanced.   Unusual shapes and decorations transform it into something else: a dress, skirt, jacket or trousers.  ‘The Maids’ sneak up to their mistress’s wardrobe, rummaging through it with curiosity and awe, they blend restyle, cut, sew, embroider and apply details of elegant party dresses on their simple frocks.

Backstage: Antonio Marras. On one hand, the elegance and figure of the femme fatale Madame, the seductive idol with dazzling beauty and the allure, adored and destroyed, are exasperated and emphasized. Fine fabrics, brilliant colors ranging from emerald green to magenta, white, ecru and black, and exquisite details evoke and emphasize a world that is often denied but lives on in one’s imagination.

Backstage: Antonio Marras. Hair stylist and global creative director for Wella Professional, Eugene Souleiman is creating a plait, which wraps around the side of the head, a modern version of the double plaits around the head

Backstage: Antonio Marras. On the other hand, a rejected frock that wants to escape its destiny is bedazzled, dressed in colors and covered with contrasts of light, sophisticated asymmetric details, unusual combinations of fabrics, original appliques, intarsia and ornaments to claim its right to exist and to live and dream.

Backstage: Antonio Marras.  Make-up artist, Lisa Butler created the make-up and used M.A.C. products.

Backstage: Antonio Marras – Make-up. The make-up is “Quiet Germanic and strong with lots of mascara, green pencil, foundation powder and a coral lipstick.” Lisa Butler explains.

Backstage: Antonio Marras. A close-up of the hair and make-up. 
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