Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Palazzo Reale - Sala delle Cariatide: Robert Ciaccio – Inter/Vallum exhibition. In the majestic Sala delle Cariatide in Palazzo Reale, until November 20th, is the Roberto Ciaccio Inter/Vallum site-specific installation. It is closely tied to the architectural identity of the space.  Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Mantra for two pianos and live electronics, is performed to accompany the show, characterized by vibrating and modulated sounds that suggest the disquieting oscillation of a huge sheet of metal in dark space.

Large slabs of different metals - iron, copper, brass, zinc - and the great works on paper, like the series of small sheets of papier Japonais, create three-dimensional illusory spaces in the interior through the multiple layers of the surfaces and the potency of the colors.

The space is steeped with energy and mystery encounters works of an esoteric character charged with energy of their own that vibrates in the gleam of the metal and the colors of Revenants, in their serial sequences, in a shifting fugue of identity and difference.

The artist Roberto Ciaccio, whose works are present in important international museums, which are ranked as some of the most interesting innovations represented on the contemporary art scene.

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