Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Ter et Bantine 2012 Summer collection.  The Ter et Bantine 2012 Summer collection, is a dialogue between opposites and the integration which hinges upon the evocative male and female forms. The female imaginary is suggested by the semi-couture shapes of the 1950s.

Backstage at the Ter et Bantine. Backstage a model relaxes reading magazines before the show.
Note: the day-glo shoe/sandals, the semi-neutral color palette and the simplicity of the clothes hanging.

Backstage at the Ter et Bantine. To enhance the masculine/feminine theme, a masculine stiff collar is used as an accessory on a simple dress.  The basic color palette of the collection is limited: white-griege and a selection of blues and greys as deep as stormy skies dotted with black clouds.


 Ter et Bantine’s creative director Manuela Arcari.

Italy’s Rolling Stone magazine new editor in chief Michele Lupi and Silvia Negri Firman of Negri Firman – PR and communication. Negri Firman was awarded the Best Fashion Press Office of the year at the Chi e’ Chi Awards.

Ter et Bantine. No frills style enhances the fundamental fashion themes, proportions, silhouettes and volumes. Dresses become subtle yet effective shells crafted with the utmost simplicity, thanks to thick cottons in un-ordinary blends.

Ter et Bantine – What we drank.  Pear sorbet with vodka and a sugared violet on top was most refreshing.


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