Friday, April 29, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011 - Designers and their products # 2

Lambrate: Via Ventura 5 -  Jambone and Yves Behar.  Jawbone and Fuseproject announce a new product category: the first intelligent wireless speaker and speakerphone called Jambox, designed by Yves Behar (above), which redefines how people can connect with all of their audio devices as well as creates new use cases.

The Jambox.
B and B Italia. Patricia Urquiola sits in her Husk armchair for B and B Italia.



Lambrate: Via Massimiano 23 – Diederik Schneeman.  A Flip Flop Story, products designed by Diederik Schneeman with discarded flip flops collected from the washed up shores of the East African shore.

Lambrate: Via Ventura 5 – Castor Design. Brian Richer (photographed with his Turo lamp) is with, Kei Ng the duo behind the Canadian Castor Design. N.B. Castor is French for beaver, a ”play on words” for being Canadian designers.  Materials and the reuse of materials is an important part of Castor’s aesthetics.  Burnt out light bulbs to make lighting, a rusty shipping container to make a sauna, this recontextualization of materials is a primary design consideration for the designers, who also own and operate a restaurant called Parts and Labour in Toronto.


Castor Design Invisible  Chandelier and Tank Light.

Sawaya and Moroni.   William Sawaya and his Meteo chair for Sawaya and Moroni.

Sawaya and Moroni.   Paolo Moroni and his Rodion metal tables for Sawaya and Moroni.


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