Friday, April 29, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011

Flos.   Sestosenso is spiral form light sculpture, a luminary apparition designed by Paul Cocksedge for Flos.


Alessi.  Two light bulbs from Alessilux’s first collection from a new period of Alessi research, which focuses on the world of lighting in collaboration with Foreverlamp. “…The topic naturally led us towards a sort of dissolution of the boundaries between the light bulb and the luminary: several of the designs are probably closer to a real luminary than a mere light bulb.  I believe this new design project will open the door to a revolution in the world of lighting: it’s as if we no longer needed to hide the boring, nondescript and often truly ugly bulbs…” Alberto Alessi.
Above: U2Mi2 and Vienna light bulbs designed by Federic Gooris.

Museo Bagatti Valsecchi – Venini.  The Venetian glass company, Venini celebrated it’s 90th birthday with an exhibition in the rooms of the Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in the golden triangle of Milan with an exhibition of mostly lights and chandeliers.  The synthesis of the strong link between all new creations and the past history of Venini glassware, looked to the future and towards new targets.
Above:  Arnolfini designed by Studio Job.

Missoni Home and Richard Ginori 1735. Garden Party is the name of the event created by Missoni Home and Richard Ginori.  Nature, art, design and Italian artistic talent where all elements present at the Garden Party in the Missoni showroom.  The Protea flowers, the centerpiece for the table setting above were Rosita Missoni’s inspiration and the starting point for the collection where flowers and lines are alternated in the decorations of the different elements of the dinner service.

Mooi.  The Gothic Chair designed by Studio Job for Mooi, comes in ten different colors with contrasting buttons round the edge.

Flux.   Polypropylene, eco-friendly, waterproof, folding, light and original seating by Flux was designed by the company’s founders Tom Schouten and Douwe Jacobs.

Nilufar.  Joseph Walsh’s Enignum III chair is made of briar-root and copper, with a padded seat made of silk.  The chair is inspired by the stratifications shaping and defining the age of plants and minerals in nature. 

Storialab.  Alena designed by Alice Stori with Petrus Gartler, is a chair for interiors that captures the poetic and the movement of a swing.  It is a calmly playful piece of furniture, thought for adults to re-live childhood memories. It is made of beech plywood and comes in two sizes.

Studio Zeta Milano – Van Heesch Design.  At The Studio Zeta Milano, Van Heesch Design presented their exhibition of Bikes and Parasols, in the photograph the Koper bikes.


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