Thursday, April 28, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011 - Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven – The national park of Biesbosch.  The National Park of Biesbosch is in the Dutch area of Dordrecht.  Both to enhance the recreational experiences and awareness of nature for the public, ex-graduate students of the Design Academy of Einhoven where asked to submit proposals for Landinwaarts projects for new Biesbosch experiences and studies for the boundaries of the island and city of Dordrecht.
Above: Sheaves by Steven Banken. Traditional crafts from the Biesbosch come to life with the seasons.  Reeds and willow twigs are cut in winter and bundled to be used as recreational benches in summertime.

Design Academy Eindhoven – The national park of Biesbosch.   Buoys for Water Navigation by Sabrina Koning-Woud.  Woven willow buoys distinguish the various water routes for different boats.  Based on a story of Saint Elisabeth flooding of the area in 1564.
Design Academy Eindhoven.  An Ode to Tape Water by Lotte de Raadt.  With her traditionally crafted Tap Water Carafe, Lotte de Raadt intends to promote the consumption of tap water.  The shape of the carafes betrays the origins of the water. And the stopper clearly displays the place where the contents were drawn from: from the tap, naturally. 

 Design Academy Eindhoven.  Form Informed by Physics by Saskia van der Steen. Van der Steen has performed extensive experiments with water in order to fathom its properties.  Observing the refraction of light in the water, the mirroring effect, the surface tension and the shape it takes on when it is set in motion, she has succeeded in capturing these qualities in Water Lens, a water filled glass seating object.   

 Design Academy Eindhoven.   A Wind Powered Anti-Landmine Ball by Massoud Hassani.  During his childhood in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani would make miniature models to be blown by the wind.  Sometimes they would end up in a minefield, where he could not retrieve them. Now Massoud’s wind-powered creations are designed specifically for minefields.   Like a giant clump of dandelion seeds, his Mine Kafon will roll about, detonating any mines in its path.
Design Academy Eindhoven.  A City For A Mixed Bird Community by Eveline Visser.  Visser has designed Bird City, a city for a mixed bird community.  33 nesting boxes, catering for the housing needs of 33 different species of birds, to form a breeding ground for the winged inhabitants of the city.

Design Academy Eindhoven.   The Wiki Truth by Kyra van Ineveld. In the past, the big fat encyclopedia on the bookshelf was THE source of information.   Now there is Wikipedia, where the truth is formed by 1000 opinions.   “This online ‘wisdom of the crowd’ is turning the truth into something transient,” Kyra van Ineveld says.  She asked Wikipedians for the pages that had been changed most often.   Printed on her own black and white printer, but bound to form a classic encyclopedia, the top five of these pages form a series of impressive reference books.  Bizarrely thick books, some measuring thirty centimeters; on Obama, the Catholic church, the war in Gaza, global warming or ‘race and intelligence’.  As you browse you can see the shifts and changes in the explanations: nothing is fickle as the truth.
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