Saturday, September 25, 2010

Milano: Antonio Marras Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Milano: Antonio Marras Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The spectacular grand finale of the Antonio Marras Spring/Summer 2011 collection, when forty-five models came out under a “downpour” of white paper feathers wearing white patch worked aprons stitched with antique fabrics.

Backstage at Antonio Marras.  The mood board tells the story of the Antonio Marras Spring/Summer 2011 collection inspired by Jane Campion’s film, Bright Star, the drama based on the three-year romance between 19th century poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, which was cut short by Keats' untimely death.

The rehearsal.
  Models “try out” the runway in their own clothes before the show.  A model sends a kiss to superstar hairdresser, Eugene Souleiman, Leo, Antonio and Patrizia Marras.
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Backstage at Antonio Marras - the make-up # 1.   The make-up was designed by Lisa Butler for M.A.C. Pro Team. A black paint stick is rubbed outwards to create an oblong smudge effect.   The models have on no foundation or blush “ Because they are so young and the clothes are very romantic.  It’s a modern grunge look, urban and realistic.” Lisa Butler explained.

Backstage at Antonio Marras - the make-up # 2.   The MAC black paint stick that was used on the eyes to create the smudged effect.

Backstage at Antonio Marras - the make-up # 3.   Superstar make-up artist, Lisa Butler created the make-up for the Marras show using M.A.C. Pro cosmetics.

Backstage at Antonio Marras - the hair.   Super hair stylist, global creative director for Wella Professional, Eugene Souleiman explains the hair “It’s very grunge, it’s very romantic, it’s very rock and roll, it’s very ‘90s and very sexy.”

Backstage at Antonio Marras - the sandals.  The flat sandals were described by Marras as nearly “Franciscan”.

Backstage at Antonio Marras.   Antonio Marras talks to Tim Blanks of, American Vogue’s website.

Backstage at Antonio Marras.     A model, late in from a previous show, has her nail varnish removed by two dressers just before the show is due to begin.

Backstage at Antonio Marras.    The back view of a front-to-back jacket and a sundress showing ‘40s inspired lingerie.

Seen at the Antonio Marras show.  Commedienne, Lella Costa.

Backstage at Antonio Marras – a detail.   A detail of the one-of-a-kind “patch worked” apron inspired dresses made from antique and vintage recycled fabrics and stitched together with embroidered motifs.

Antonio Marras’s grand finale.  There is always a surprise element in Antonio Marras’s grand finales.   Forty-five models came out at the end of the show in forty-five one-of-a-kind white aprons, showered by a rain of thousand of white paper feathers.

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