Saturday, September 25, 2010

Milano: IdB - Isabella del Bono

Milano: IdB - Isabella del Bono  Jewelry designer, Contessa Isabella del Bono was showing her IdB collection in the lobby of one of the best restaurants of Milan, Il Baretto.  The collection of understated chic jewels, which distinguishes itself from other brands by being mostly made of iron, is perfect for the restaurant’s sophisticated clientele. Isabella is wearing a Sun and a Moon cuffs made from iron, engraved and studded with diamonds.

IdB – Isabella del Bono: ladies collection.  A ginkgo biloba tree is one of the five trees depicted on the new cuff bracelets from the IdB collection.  The cuff is made in iron and is embellished with white gold, diamonds and engravery.

IdB – Isabella del Bono: men’s collection.   A pair of shield shaped cuff links in silver and guilloche bear a marquis’s crown.  The contessa is well known for her custom made heraldic jewels, mostly executed in iron, her trademark metal, and engraved with the buyers family’s coat or arms.
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