Saturday, September 25, 2010

Milano: Gherardini celebrates 125 years of style

Milano: Gherardini.  Gherardini celebrates 125 years of made in Italy with an exhibition at the Triennale Museum.  Now quoted on the stock exchange and owned by the Braccialini family, Gherardini is the oldest Italian accessory brand. Two of the three Braccialini brothers, pictured above, Massimo, it’s creative director and Lorenzo who is head of marketing and communication, whose mission is to put Gherardini back in the position it deserves, as a historic brand in the Italian leather field by reinforcing its image. Thus the Fashion Repository Project was conceived, beginning with the Spring/Summer 2009 season when renowned models were retrieved from the company’s archives and revisited in a contemporary key.

La Bellona 1967.   The original Bellona bag from 1967, this article was so fascinating that it seduced the craftsmen who made it and led them to refer to it as s “good-looking girl.”

La Bellona 2009.  The good-looking girl from the ‘60s is given an embroidered “dress in the 2009 version.

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