Wednesday, December 12, 2007

VENICE - Lifestyle: Franca Coin at Home

The Hostess. As many of the guests came for the concert in San Marco from out of town and from over the “pond”. The day after, Franca Coin gave a classic Italian-style luncheon, for one hundred guests, in her home, on the piano nobile, in Palazzo Barbaro, overlooking the Grand Canal. The gracious hostess gave each guest a porte bonheur, an Indian chain made out of little stuffed fabric birds strung together with bells and beads.

Detail. Keep it simple. Carpaccio, grilled vegetable, seafood salad, mozzarella and baby tomatoes, were all part of a light, healthy and dietetic and much appreciated menu.
Note. How the forks are laid out in rows.

Detail. I love, not only the way the napkins “fan” out, but also the exquisite lace on these fine linen napkins.

The Deserts.
Keep it simple. Franca’s mother handed down the recipes for these delicous homemade crostate to Franca’s cook. Needless to say, the jam that goes into the tarts is homemade too.

Note how the pineapple is beautifully cut and presented. So chic.

Aperitif. Keep it simple. And, make sure to include non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. When you are having a big party get plenty of help.
Note: How each type of glass, sits separately on it’s own tray.

The Orchids.
One hundred orchids get the best view of the Grand Canal and the sunshine from the double windows. And, they also come in handy as centerpieces.

Seen at the Luncheon. One of the hundred guests who flew to Venice from New York especially for Verdi’s Requiem Mass was Tony award-winning Broadway director, choreographer, film director, and performer, Susan Stroman. Having just finished directing and choreographing the Broadway hit musical, Young Frankenstein, Susan was taking a break before going to Seattle to work with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in a new ballet inspired by Dave Brubach’s Take Five hit.
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