Thursday, December 13, 2007

VENICE - Palazzo Dona: A Private Indian Music Concert

Palazzo Dona delle Rose – A Private concert.
A private classical Indian music concert was held, by candlelight, in the salone of the piano nobile of Palazzo Dona delle Rose. It was the last stop of the maestri Purbayan Chatterjee, sitar and Anindo Chatterjee, tabla European tour. The music was hypnotizing and very sexy, and the venue very romantic. Anindo is in a class by himself born with rhythm in his soul and in his fingers, he often plays with Ravi Shankar. Whereas, according to Matt Hall of The Telegraph, London “Purbayan’s virtuosity and mercurial invention are nothing short of astounding.” An evening to remember.

Seen at the concert.
In the main salone on the piano nobile, our host, Count Nicolo Dona delle Rose poses with his ancestor, Count Leonardo, who built the palazzo in 1605, and later became Doge. The palazzo is the only palazzo left in Venice that still belongs to the same family.

Seen at the concert.
Artist and designer, Laura Di Santillana with Maestro tabla player Anindo Chatterjee. George Harrison said about him “Anindo Chatterjee’s brilliant tabla does both a percussive and harmonic service to the music.”

Seen at the dinner.
Viola Romani Adami designs jewelry and also sings in a band called Best, which stands for Blue Eyed Soul Team; the band plays only sixties music. Needless to say, Viola is wearing her own jewelry, the rings are called India and Carnival, “I always name my pieces.” she explained.

Seen at the dinner.
Attractive applied arts expert, Fiammetta Fazio, works in Venice for Finarte auction house. She is wearing a pair of earrings that Viola Romani Adami made especially for her. Viola called the pair “archeologia”.

The Family Setter.
Misty was waiting patiently for the guests to finish their late dinner to be taken out for his midnight “walkies” by Count Nicolo.

The dinner. An improvised delicious curry dinner was offered to the guests after the concert in the Palazzo’s pale pink and green stuccoed dinning room.

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