Monday, December 10, 2007

VENICE - Basilica San Marco

Photograph by Manfredi Bellati
The Basilica of San Marco. The world famous Basilica of San Marco offers the magical setting for Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem Mass. The four soloists, Norma Fantini, soprano, Anna Smirnova, Mezzo, Francesco Meli, tenor, and Rafal Siwek, Bass were accompanied by the energetic Symphonica Toscanini, an orchestra composed of young mostly Italian musicians and the Coro del Maggio Fiorentino, and were conducted by New York Philharmonic music director, Lorin Maazel. Franca Coin, president of The Venice Foundation, organized the concert for the second year running. The proceeds of the concert will go towards the restoration of The Cupola of Creation inside the Basilica itself.

The Maestro. Lorin Maazel magnificently conducted the Symphonica Toscanini and the Coro del Maggio Fiorentino in Verdi’s Requiem Mass.

The Orchestra. Having no dressing room or stage, members of The Symphonica Toscanini warmed up in the right aisle of the Basilica of San Marco, while the audience arrived.

Photograph by Manfredi Bellati

Seen inside San Marco. Octogenarian grande dame Toto Badini Borromeo, who works relentlessly for her children’s charity UVI (UnioneVolontari per l’Infanzia e l’Adolescenza).

Seen inside San Marco. Artist, Fabrizio Plessi and his beautiful wife Carla, the most sought after couple in Venice.

Seen inside San Marco. Vintner, Giovanni Gregoletto and his wife Virginia, donated their Ombra Prosecco wine for the cocktail party held in the Museo Correr prior to the concert, arrive in the Basilica.

Seen inside San Marco. Venice’s most glamorous hotelier, Francesca Bortolotti Possati
CEO of The Bauer Hotel.

The Cupola. The proceeds from the concert go towards the restoration of the Cupola of Creation. The cupola is also known as the Cupola of Angels because in each of the seven segments winged figures are depicted. The Cupola of Creation is the work of Venetian artisans who learnt the art of mosaics from the Byzantines in the XIII Century. Legend has it, that Marco Polo used to go into San Marco and spend hours "reading" the stories told in the spectacular gold mosaics."
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Chris Jones said...

This was a magnificent concert which was broadcast on Arte TV in high definition. Does anyone know whether it will be available on a DVD in the near future?

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