Friday, June 30, 2006

Lunch at Peter and Mariella # 2. Peter and Mariella Van Schalkwyk live six months of the year in Capri and six months of the year in Milan. They both paint. Mariella DeNatale as she signs her works, studied painting at the Brera Academy in Milan before becoming a fashion editor at Vogue Italia. I asked Peter to tell me about Mariella's art "First she signs the paper - MDN - and she paints like "pizza", does it in 5 minutes and she only paints in Capri. She is a "wild girl" and I would describe her style as post impressionist." Mariella adds " If I can't get a painting right in one hour I throw it out." A collective exhibition of their work can be seen until July 10th at the La Conchiglia bookstore in Anacapri and in November at Mauro Brucoli in Milan.
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