Friday, June 30, 2006

Lunch at Peter and Mariella # 3. Peter Van Schalkwyk is very British and after many years of living and working in Italy, as an art director in the best advertising agencies, he still has a charming strong very English accent when he talks Italian. His passion has always been painting and he loves to paint on Capri. Mariella describes his style "Peter is a true artist. Now that he is retired he is painting full time. His work is Turner-esque, modernized and revisited." Peter paints beautiful landscapes, interiors and figurative paintings. He is very fond of the Glasgow School and painters like Samuel John Peploe and Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell. Mariella adds "Capri has united us, not only in matrimony, but also because of painting. We speak the same language. In Capri everything is art and food." Their collective exhibition called Ospiti e Capri can be seen at La Conchiglia bookstore in Anacapri until July 10th and in November in Milan at Mauro Brucoli. Mauro Brucoli- Via Della Spiga 17 - Milan
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