Friday, June 30, 2006

Lunch at Peter and Mariella # 1. "This sophisticated, romantic island has a long tradition of parties, special occasions and dinners past and present, punctuated by lively intellectual debates, strong passions and fatal attractions. The tradition lives on to this day, through the people who are keeping alive the Art of Entertaining and preserving one of Capri's great attractions." writes Mariella Gardella in her book Ospiti a Capri (Idearte). The table prepared on one of the three terraces of their tiny weeny house looks just like a glossy picture from her book. It is not surprising that the table is so elegant, Mariella worked for many years at Vogue Italia, in fact, the cushions were bought during a fashion shot in Marrakech, the terracotta plates were made by Solimene in Vietri in the 1970's and the bamboo cutlery is from Gucci. And, as you can imagine, the menu was perfect and yes, we did have, besides other delicious food, an Insalata Caprese - tomato and mozzarella di buffala.
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