Monday, April 24, 2006

Fuori Salone - Missoni Home. Missoni Home...Domani collection is a colorful exhibition, which projects the home into their new exploration of hotels. Rosita Missoni who is famous for her gracious entertaining and lifestyle is designing three Missoni hotels at the moment, one in Scotland and two in Dubai. The home and hospitality are her passion and her personal interpretation has become her trademark - decor and furniture that are colorful, sophisticated and easy to fit into existing settings. Missoni Home is founded on the free interaction between forms and colors, materials and motifs, esthetics and technology. The 2006 collection can be described as botanic, another of Rosita's interests are flowers, growing vegetables, picking mushrooms, wild chicory or anything edible. And, on the subject of color she concludes "We love colors. Although I also love black and white, I can't get by without colors. They are my life. They surround me at home and in my garden with all it's flowers, with my family. After all, I married a color specialist...and color can make entertaining a joy."
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