Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Le Prince Jardinier and Deyrolle. To get out of the cold and pretend that we were in "Africa" we went into Deyrolle which is situated on the first floor of Le Prince Jardinier at 46 rue du Bac. "Preserve, understand, observe and listen in order to transmit." is the motto of Prince Louis Albert de Broglie, better know as the gardening prince. It is the Prince who in 2001 saved and restored the Deyrolle fabulous collection of curiosities and the impressive collections of insects, shells and naturalized stuffed animals. It's unique, unexpected and very eccentric rather than an ordinary shop. We couldn't leave Le Prince Jardinier without buying their sturdy gardening aprons embroidered with their "tongue in cheek" coat of arms inspired by Prince Louis Albert de Broglie's own: a straw hat replaces the ducal crown which surmounts a miniature garden fork and a shovel replaces the Saint Andrew cross. We were also tempted by the gardening tools, watering cans and natural fiber country clothes and accessories.
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