Thursday, February 09, 2006

Au Nom De La Rose is a chain store of French florists that offers only one variety of flowers, the rose. I usually don't like chain stores, but I found this one exceptional, very refined, simple and unpretentious. They offer in their bouquets what the French are so well know for, elegance and simplicity. I loved the fresh and very chic and unfussy round bouquets in a variety of colors in pretty vases. And, wanted to take home all the other rose related products like the rose-hip jams and marmalades, scented soaps, candles and rose water-based perfumes. The packaging was very beautiful too, on top of the roses they scatter rose petals and tie the bag with a fresh rose! C'est manificque, n'est pas?
Contessanally says "Don't forget your rose etiquette: Roses are to be given in odd numbers for simple reasons of elegance and harmony of the bouquet. This is not because of any numbering system. Sophisticated people know that they should never give flowers heads down. For a dinner, they should be delivered in the afternoon."
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