Thursday, February 09, 2006

Muriel Grateau. Refined French designer, Muriel Grateau's name has been buzzing in the air for quite a while now, on both sides of the Atlantic. Muriel and I have been friends since she was designing clothes for Complice in Milan. But, over the years we have lost touch and therefore when I contacted her again, her first words were "Where did you spring up from?" She is now famous for her tabletop collections, these come in an astonishingly wide range of colors. Catherine Deneuve and Calvin Klein are amongst her fans. It was therefore a surprise when she recently launched the Precious Collections which are black, nearly black, black brown and almost black jewels and leather accessories. The Black Jewels and in particular, the rings shown above, are beautiful big black onyx figuratively carved stones topped by smoky carbochon quartzes surrounded by cognac diamonds. So If you can't make it to Paris, don't fret as they will be available in New York at Bergdolf Goodman from April 3rd.
Muriel Grateau - 37 rue de Beaune - 75007 Paris - tel:+33 01 40 20 42 82 -
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