Monday, June 12, 2023

Venice - Not Only Biennale - Beatrice Burati Anderson - An Unexpected Space of Freedom - Emilio Fantin + Marzio Zorio

Beatrice Burati Anderson 
An Unexpected Space of Freedom 
Emilio Fantin + Marzio Zorio

In the two gallery spaces of the Beatrice Burati Anderson Gallery, the exhibition - An Unexpected Space of Freedom  - until August 13 - is curated by Carla Subrizi, presents the site-specific installations by Emilio Fantin and Marzio Zorio. Sounds, lights, voices, drawings and some very essential objects, redesign the gallery's spaces in both a fascinating and quite radical way. The artists explore subtle and imperceptible territories. Emilio Fantin by drawing a kind of intimacy’s landscape in the space of relationship - Marzio Zorio by focusing on the sense of disorientation and distance, as they become ways to find a condition of balance. An unexpected space of freedom is here unveiled, right in that silent, often unreachable condition belonging to both individual and collective consciousness. 

Emilio Fantin

Emilio Fantin, investigates the most hidden and imperceptible states of sensibility. Through the flow of narratives, almost waking dreams, of the performance and installation Improvvisazione interiore 2  - 2023 - made by six people - areas that usually escape perception by remaining indecipherable re-emerge. Fantin redesigns the space through the presence of six metal stools, high enough high enough not to keep their “feet on the ground”, and a series of drawings in pencil, felt tip, lime and titanium white on plasterboard, to which he gives the name Archetypes - twelve elements - 2023. This is the starting situation for the generation of primary or unexpected images, taken from the multi-voiced narrative of the six participants who together give free rein to live exercises of inner imagination. The installation constitutes the further phase of a long research work on states of consciousness that Fantin has been pursuing for years. The drawings on plasterboard, moreover, perceived as fragments of plaster or portions of walls subtracted from pre-existing architecture, redefine space: they are presences or traces of the work on imagination.

Emilio Fantin - Archetypes - twelve elements - 2023.

The artist Marzio Zorio puts technology, albeit used, to the test, transforming it into the trace of an archaeology of the present, which invites us to think of sound resonance or the reverberation of lights as a communication reduced to the smallest signs and without words. He conceived a site-specific installation that connects the two wings of the Gallery, on either side of the water canal that separates them. With the intervention by the public, on a wooden pole installed on one side, the response occurs at a distance, through the switching on of lights on the other side of the canal. The phenomenon is repeated on both sides, building, in the immateriality of sounds and lights in dialogue - touching the wooden element produces both sound and light effect - an interstitial bridge-space, previously nonexistent: an architecture of sounds and lights, of exchange and communication. 

Marzio Zorio - Untitled - Coppia di Aste - 2023

"The exhibition builds an unprecedented path of sensibility, explores intimate and imperceptible territories, draws geographies of intimacy in the space of relationship -Emilio Fantin - dwells on the disorientation and distance that become unprecedented states of seeking a balance between things - Marzio Zorio - glimpses and reveals “an unexpected space of freedom”, precisely in that removed, silent and hardly traceable condition of individual and collective consciousness." 
Carla Subrizi 

Beatrice Burati Anderson

Another work by Marzio Zorio, Untitled - Bussole - 2023, completes this reversal between physicality and immateriality, between equilibrium and disequilibrium, focusing on the effects that on a series of compasses, instruments used to orient oneself in space, are produced by the voices and noises of the people in the space, to the point of causing the total disorientation of the objects, no longer able to indicate the directions of the cardinal points.

Untitled - Bussole - 2023

Emilio Fantin's other drawings from 2023, traced with felt tip on stage paper, - Numero immaginario, Algoritmo ricorsivo - Triangolo di Sierpinnski - Testa contro testa, Ab), reflect on the States of Consciousness (2) by translating into geometric formulas and stylized forms, the apparently scientific nature of imagination. 


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