Wednesday, June 07, 2023

#BiennaleArchitettura2023 - National Pavilions - Great Britain - Switzerland - Australia - Giardini - Part 1:3

 Great Britain Pavilion 
Dancing Before the Moon
Special Mention Award: curatorial strategy and design propositions celebrating the potency of everyday rituals as forms of resistance and spatial practices in diasporic communities

CuratorsJayden Ali, Joseph Henry, Meneesha Kellay and Sumitra Upham
Exhibitors: Yussef Agbo-Ola , Jayden Ali, Mac Collins, Shawanda Corbett, Madhav Kidao, Sandra Poulson

The Great Britain Pavilion's  installation is dedicated to matters of care, repair, and maintenance. Made entirely using leftover material from the Biennale Arte 2022, which left behind hundreds of tons of trash, the Pavilion becomes a productive infrastructure, promoting principles of reuse and circular construction in tandem with architecture’s social responsibility. By squatting the German Pavilion through a series of maintenance works, the contribution renders visible processes of spatial and social care work typically hidden from the public eye. The project demonstrates that ecological sustainability is inextricably linked to the social question.

Curators - Meneesha Kelley and Joseph Henry - Exhibitors - Sandra Poulson 
 Mac Collins

Yussef Agbo-Ola - Muluku: 6 Bone Temple

Madhav Kidao - Bardo

Sandra Poulson - Sabao Azul e Agua

Mac Collins - Runout

Shawanda Corbett - A Healing is Coming

Switzerland Pavilion
Curators/Exhibitors: Karin Sander, Philip Ursprung

The artist Karin Sander and the art historian Philip Ursprung exhibit the Swiss pavilion as such, instead of using it as a container for an exhibition. They highlight the proximity of the pavilions of Switzerland - 1951–1952, Bruno Giacometti - and Venezuela - 1954–1956, Carlo Scarpa. Of all pavilions in the Giardini, they are the closest. They share a wall.   A carpet in the main hall depicts the two combined ground plans. A temporary opening, cut into the brick enclosure of the courtyard, makes visible the connection. The dead plane tree has been cut at a height of about eight metres. The iron fences shutting off the openings of the Swiss pavilion have been temporarily removed.

Philip Ursprung and karin Sander

Switzerland Pavilion - Neighbours - detail

Austraila Pavilion
Unsettling Queenstown
Curators: Anthony Coupe, Julian Worrall, Ali Gumillya Baker, Emily Paech, Sarah Rhodes

unsettling Queenstown explores and participates in the questioning and reimagining of Australia’s colonial inheritance at the end of the second Elizabethan age. Weaving between real and fictional Queenstowns, the exhibition encompasses a ghostly fragment of colonial architecture, immersive sounds and imagery, and representations of the country ‘demapped’ of its colonial patterns. Pertinent tactics gleaned from current practice offer an open archive of ideas for Venice’s Laboratory of the Future.  Donning lenses of narrative and temporality, this exhibition probes the relationship between operations of deconstruction and reconstruction to narrate hidden pasts and posit alternative futures.

Creative Directors
Anthony Coupe, Julian Worrall, Emily Paech, Sandra Rhodes , Ali Gumillya Baker

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