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Venice - La Casa dei Tre Oci - Mario De Biasi - Photographs - 1947-2003 - Retrospective

La Casa dei Tre Oci
Mario De Biasi - Photographs - 1947-2003
At La casa dei Tre Oci, until January 9 - the retrospective exhibition Mario De Biasi. Photographs 1947-2003. De Biasi was one of the most extraordinary photographers, interpreter of the twentieth century, a tireless traveler and observer of the world. 256 photographs, some never seen before, as wells as vintage pictures, trace the entire production of the photojournalist, from the start of his collaboration with Epoca magazine to his latest works.  For the first time De Biasi's photographs are juxtaposed and integrated with his drawings; suns, heads, hearts which tell the versatility and complexity of his work.  The exhibition is curated by Enrica Vigano in collaboration with the Archivio Mario De Biasi, organized by Civita Tre Venezie with Admira and promoted by the Fondazione di Venezia.
Mario de Biasi - Covers - Epoca magazine

 "Wherever you encounter life, you encounter beauty. 
Suffice it to look around and you will see it: even
in a leaf, a stone, a balcony with flowers.
Even in the reflections in a puddle."
Mario De Biasi 

How do you describe reality, by using a camera lens to spy on the subject, much like stalking, without interacting and revealing the facts as they unfold. De Biasi with his camera followed Moira Orfei's dazzling defile as she walked across Milan, recording the actual reactions of the passers-by. The Realism lay in those gazes all pointed at the voluptuous femininity of a self-assured woman.  The realism was in the set, that was not created in a studio, but was a real and original one, the streets of Milan, in this case, with people busy going about their everyday activities "turning around", and immortalized in De Biasi's shots.
 Italians Turn Around - Milan - 1954 
"The need was felt for an anthological exhibition to celebrate the many facets of Mario De Biasi's talent. The Neorealist amateur photographer, the photojournalist, for Epoca, a witness to history, the portraitist of celebrities, the explorer of worlds both near and far, the visual arts, the interpreter of Mother Nature, the compulsive and creative draftsman.  All his work an ode to life."
Enrica Vigano
curator of the exhibition

Italy is Reborn
End of the Line Opposite San Siro Stadium - Milan - 1950s


QT8 Experimental District - Milan - 1950s 

Naples - 1950s

"I remember once again those quick, sharp, sincere blue eyes that had the privilege of seeing Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot, and Moira Orfei, as well as wars and violence, exotic landscapes and lands that were still unexplored.  The images of the twentieth century that now seems distant, but that does not cease to arouse curiosity."
Denis Curti
artistic director - Casa dei Tre Oci 
Hatcheck Girl - New York - 1956 
New York in a Flash
New York - 1956
president Fondazione di Venezia - Michele Bugliesi
Emanuela Bassetti - president Civita Tre Venezie

"I have always been lucky enough not to be afraid; maybe I'm irresponsible but when I'm taking pictures I don't think about the danger, nor do I think about death: all I think about is the photograph."
Mario De Biasi
65 Degrees Below Zero
Moscow - 1960

Siberia - 1964 
copyright -  Archivio Mario De Biasi - courtesy Admira Milano

Luca De Michelis 

Moon Operation
Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin at the NASA Cafeteria - Houston - 1969
copyright - Archivio Mario De Biasi - courtesy - Admira Milano
 "People are amazed that I deal with so many themes. It's just that I have lots of ideas swirling inside my head.  Over the course of time, I have found it interesting
to combine things, to associate the themes that I discover to exist on every continent."
Mario De Biasi
A World Full of Kisses
Paris - 1970
copyright - Archivio Mario De Biasi - courtesy - Admira Milano
Lunch Break
Sicily - 1970
Cat Bauer and Ziva Kraus

Emanuela Bassetti
and Paola Marini 
"Whenever the celebrities came along I was never with the other photographers, because I always wanted to take different pictures seeing that the magazine came out once a week .... it is very important to understand the psychology of the person you are taking a picture of."
Mario De Biasi
Cinema in Venice
Sofia Loren with Photographers - Venice - 1958

Brigitte Bardot - Venice - 1957 

Fellini and Masina - 1955
copyright - Archivio Mario De Biasi - courtesy - Admira Milano

Discovering South America
Ecuador - 1972 

Original Drawings - Mario De Biasi - 1980s-1990s
on the hotel's notepaper where he stayed all over the world 

Coffee Cups - Mario De Biasi 
decorated for I.P.A. Industria Porcellane S.p.a. 
Silvia De Biasi
director of the Archivio De Biasi
Roberto de Feo and Sivia Dianese

The Catalogue
The exhibition catalogue is published by Marsiglio with essays by Enrica Vigano, Denis Curti and Angelo Ponta. 
La Casa dei Tre Oci







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