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Feltre: La Galleria d’Arte Moderna Carlo Rizzarda – La Collezione di Vetri Veneziani – Carla Nasci – Ferruccio Franzoia

La Galleria d'Arte Moderna - Carlo Rizzarda
La Collezione di Vetri Veneziani - Carla Nasci - Ferruccio Franzoia
The Venetian Glass Collection of the late Carla Nasci and the architect Ferruccio Franzoia, has been generously donated to the permanent collection of the - Carlo Rizzarda - Modern Art Museum in Feltre. The Nasci-Franzoia Collection represents a coherent enrichment to the museum of Decorative Arts established by the famous master of wrought iron, Carlo Rizzarda and expands in perfect harmony with his work, were iron often meets the transparencies of Murano glass elements.



To exhibit the glass artifacts, purchased with his late wife Carla Nasci in over 30 years of collecting passion, architect Franzoia designed the installation's "whimsical" itinerary himself, along the lines of the qualitative and personal taste choices that inspired the genesis of the collection, letting himself be guided by empathy, emotions and memories.
collectors Ferruccio Franzoia and Carla Nasci



The first room in the exhibition is dedicated to the production of Giacomo Cappellin and Paolo Venini, the Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin Venini & C., established in 1921, of which the central figure was Vittorio Zecchin, it's first artistic director, who with his extremely elegant transparent blown glass inspired by the Renaissance, impressed a decisive turning point in Contemporary Murano production characterized by and excess of ornamentation.

Vittorio Zecchin - V.S.M. Cappellin-Venini & C. - 1921-1923
Vetro soffiato - fumo and azzurro 

In the second room there are objects referable to the presence in Murano of Carlo Scarpa, creator of successful and innovative glass shapes.  In addition to his work, the room hosts examples of the Venini production between 1925-1960 as well as a miscellany of products from other glassworks active in the lagoon. Here we meet Napoleone Martinuzzi, Tomaso Buzzi, Tyra Lundgren, Paolo Venini, Massimo Vignelli, Fluvio Bianconi, Toni Zuccheri, Alfredo Barbini, Archimede Seguso, Flavio Poli, Tapio Wirkkala, Guido Balsamo Stella, Giuseppe Barovier and Guido Bin, pseudonym Mario Deluigi. There is no Lack of contemporaries such as, Laura de Santillana and Alessandro Diaz de Santillana, Maria Grazia Rosin, Christiano Bianchin, Sergio Asti and Luciano Gaspari.


Tapio Wirkkala - Bottiglia Bolle -  Venini - 1966


The third and last room is dedicated to canteen glass, destined for the tabletop  particularly rare and interesting glasses and bottles mostly designed by Zecchin in the 1920s. There are also centerpieces as well as non-Murano table crystals with a Belle Epoque taste and some examples of Bohemian glassware marketed in Venice for the Compagnia Venezia Murano.
Napoleone Martinuzzi - Centrotavola - V.S.M. Venini & C. - 1930

"My favorite piece in the collection is a little black vase, not in production, designed by Carlo Scarpa  which Ginette Venini kept in her boudoir, it's small enough to be kept in your pocket."
Ferruccio Franzoia 
Carlo Scarpa - Venini & C. - 1942c.
Fabrizia Lanza and Paola Marini

Alba Di Lieto


Laura de Santillana - Vases - series - Cardinali - Diavoli - Eos 1988

Maria Grazia Rosin - Tre Bicchieri Placebo - series - Glasses in Pills - 2000

La Collezione di Vetri Veneziani - Carla Nasci - Ferruccio Franzoia
Vittorio Zecchin - M.V.M. Cappellin & C. - Vases - 1920s

Flavio Poli - Coppa - I.V.A.M. - 1929

The mayor of Feltre - Paolo Perenzin
Tomaso Buzzi - Piatti - Venini & C. - 1932-1933
Costanza Tasca Sallier de la Tour di Camporeale

Massimiliano Conzada
Vittorio Zecchin - Vaso - V.S.M. Cappellin-Venini & C. - 1924-1925
Pamela Berry
Cristiano Bianchin
Raccoglitore di Pensieri: Ligam
- 2013
- 2005
maestro - Andrea Zilio - maestro Giacomo Barbini - Fornace Anfora Murano


Alessandro Diaz de Santillana - Vaso Kyria - Eos - 1987


 Alessandro Tusset

Virginia Pietromarchi
and Petra Gogna
Massimo Vignelli - Bicchieri - Caraffa - Venini & C. - Christofle Italia - 1957

Luca and Stefania Rento

Valentina and Antonella Morassutti

The Catalogue
The catalogue Vetri Veneziani - La Collezione Cara Nasci - Ferruccio Franzoia is published in English and Italian by Silvana Editoriale and is curated by Tiziana Casagrande and Ferruccio Franzoia with essays by Alessandro Del Bianco, Tiziana Casagrande, Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Mariateresa Chirico, Marino Barovier, J.K. Mauro Pierconti, Lucio Valerio Barbera, Marco Arosio and Antonio Foscari.
Tiziana Casagrande

Galleria d'Arte Moderna - Carlo Rizzarda
The After Party Lunch 
 The after preview lunch was held al fresco in a garden in the center of Feltre on a beautiful sunny day enjoyed by all after lockdown.

Special Treat
Among other delicious food a Gateau di Patate was made by Fabrizia Lanza director of the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school and cookbook author.













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