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Around Venice: Highlight Art Galleries Opening Weekend – Alma Zevi - Michela Rizzo – Beatrice Burati Anderson – Alberta Pane - V-A-C Zattere

Around Venice
Art Galleries Opening Weekend - Highlights

On heavenly sunny and warm days, the three-day lively weekend full of museum and gallery openings and cultural events took place around Venice.  Here are some highlights. 

  Photograph courtesy Alma Zevi

Alma Zevi
Alain Baczynsky - Hatufim

 At Alma Zevi, Alain Baczynsky’s Hatufim, which means kidnapped or abductee in Hebrew, until April 20, is a series of eight photographic diptychs, each of which presents a portrait of a person, either composed from archival documents or taken in the artist’ studio, alongside a self-portrait by the artist.
Costa N. – His gaze, a century’s encyclopedia

Alma Zevi
Alain Baczynsky - Hatufim 

Whether archival images or recent works, the different portraits in the series were all carefully composed following the strict parameters commonly associated with deadpan passport or official identity photographs, showing a sitter facing the camera front-on with a neutral expression.
Omer - Barely emerging, this gaze, a blank page, on which the marvels and horrors of the world will be written

Alma Zevi and Alain Baczynsky

Alma Zevi
Alain Baczynsky - Hatufim
The recurring image of the self-portrait has been subjected to the same manipulation eight times: Baczynsky (digitally) cut the eyes, and in some cases the eyebrows, of the facing portrait and pasted them onto his own. His eyes never appear.
Aba Baczynsky – In Judaism hell does not exist. God did not know Auschwitz.
Rudolf HassAquas alibusc luscit labo. Mus ducimo blab inullup tatibus ea diorum as et fugit etur?

Savory and Sweet Middle-European Pastries

 Galleria Michela Rizzo
Saverio Rampin – Pensai il Colore – Guardai il Sole
Pensai il colore, guardai il sole - I thought of color, I looked at the sun - curated by Davide Ferri, until May 1, is the title of the first exhibit that the Galleria Michela Rizzo dedicates to Saverio Rampin shedding light on the works of one of the most important Venetian artists of the second half of the twentieth century. The gallery does this by looking into the interstices, the turning points, and through an original juxtaposition of works from different periods of the artist’s career.
Saverio Rampin

Saverio Rampin – Pensai il Colore – Guardai il Sole
Davide Ferri curator

Michela Rizzo

Galleria Michela Rizzo – Highlight Project
Matthew Attard – Equivocality
Matthew Attard’s Equivocality exhibition, until May 1, includes two types of works: 6 drawings, made on an Ipad and printed on aluminum, and 2 high reliefs, above, in aluminum wire fixed directly to the wall. The two sculptures Bravissimo! and Tu que no puedes, derive, also in the titles, from the Caprichos series by Goya. These works are the starting point for the realization of the drawings on iPad: here the animalistic metamorphosis and the satirical atmosphere are taken up.  The drawings are the result of the superimposition of various images (people, animals, food) borrowed from the web and recombined in an arbitrary manner until reaching an image that is now something new - the girls-cocacola, the man-donkey, the woman-frog
Matthew Attard

The Garden at the Galleria Michela Rizzo

Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery
NewFaustianWorld – A Book – A Movie – An Exhibition
At Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery, the exhibition NewFaustianWorld, A Book, A Movie, An Exhibition, until April 23, the project includes the book, featured above published by 24 Ore CulturaGruppo 24 Ore, a movie directed by Piero Passaro and produced by Theater 7/2 Productions and a group art exhibition. In a world where the destiny of man seems resigned to have disappeared, curator Raffaele Quattrone involves 17 internationals artists with a Faustian Factor: a strong and recognizable artistic identity and an exasperated virtuosity that allows them to compete with the infinite possibilities of the computer, with the precision of photographic evidence, with the reactions and relationships of video and performances. NewFaustianWorld is the world of people like Goethe’s Faust, emblem of modern man, who has inner tensions that push him not to settle for the norm but to make his own philosophy about how life is extraordinary, to go further, to achieve new goals, to accept new challenges…

Beatrice Burati Anderson

Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery
The Movie – NewFaustianWorld - 2018

The film-documentary, NewFaustianWorld, directed by Piero Passaro and produced by Theater 7/2 Productions has already been shown at various international film festivals. NewFaustianWorld, last December was awarded Best Documentary 6, Nebraska International Film Competition, Cape Town. The audiovisual project tells Raffaele Quattrone’s curatorial project of with a hybrid of visual language between documentary and film fiction.

Jan Worst

 Josep Tornero - Maurizio Cannavacciuolo

Kepa Garraza

Alberto Di Fabio

Andrea Chiesi

 Mauro Pipani

Galleria Alberta Pane
Recent Works – Group Show
Christian Fogarolli and Michele Spanghero

A fine sensibility, an essential aesthetics and a conceptual nature characterize the artworks by two Italian artists, Christian Fogarolli and Michele Spanghero exhibited in Recent Works at the Alberta Pane Gallery, until April 20. For both of them, the production of recent years represents the full realization of a ten-year artistic path that has led them to enter the contemporary art scene, in a consistent, mature and focused way, not only in Italy.  It is through a transversal approach to research with refined, singularly fragmented and perceptively stimulating results that Christian Fogarolli and Michele Spanghero work on artistic creation, a combination of art and scientific disciplines for one, between sound and visual art for the other.
Michele Spanghero – Ad Lib.- 2017-2018

Galleria Alberta Pane  
Recent Works - Michele Spanghero

The sound substance, with its imperceptible variations, its silences and its acoustic resonances in space and matter, is a key element in the practice of Michele Spanghero (1979), whose works combine sound and visual arts with in-depth conceptual research; his approach to artistic creation is transversal. Essential and rigorous, the aesthetics of his works reveals fragments, marginal elements of architecture and geometries of light that the artist captures in search of a new semantic system, that is to say, far from pre-established supra-structures and information. In his practice Michele Spanghero proceeds by subtraction: in response to the large amount of data that surrounds us, the artist feels compelled to isolate and re-elaborate the pre-existing material. This sonorous-visual analysis concerns the relationship between space and perception: photography, sculpture and sound silently involve the viewer and aim to delicately alter his perceptions. 
Michele Spanghero – Studies of Density of White - 2010-2018


  Michele Spanghero

Michele Spanghero – Monologue – 2014-2017

Alberta Pane

Galleria Alberta Pane  
Recent Works – Christian Fogarolli

Christian Fogarolli (1983) investigates how art, theories and scientific disciplines have always been intertwined and how science has unconsciously used the creative medium to progress. His works - environmental installations, photographs, sculptures, and videos - contain this duplicity of tensions. Through a para-scientific working method and archival research, the artist combines the use of objets trouves with refined contemporary materials, such as ultraviolet lamps, steel, mirrors and titanium. His works, with a precise and accurate formal outcome, are poetic and sensitive. The links between normality and deviance and the relationships between different species, categorized as public and private heritage, are silently investigated. His latest works in the exhibition highlight how the perception of the image and the object are an essential trait of the artist's poetics.
Christian Fogarolli – Come uno Straccio

Christian Fogarolli

Michele Spanghero – Monologue – 2014-2017

V-A-C- Zattere
Fiona Banner – aka – The Vanity Press
Phantom – Video Work - Exclusive Screening

Exclusive screenings of Phantom, a video work by acclaimed British artist Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press which was recently acquired for the V-A-C Collection was shown during Venice Art Weekend.  Next year artists Fiona Banner and Mike Nelson will be curating the exhibition, The Explorers – Part Two, May-October 2020, at V-A-C Zattere. Each is a leading exponent of one medium: Mike Nelson is a sculptor; Fiona Banner a creator of text-based images and installations; each will embark on a journey through the V-A-C Collection and their selections will break with traditional art historical groupings to reveal unexpected affinities between works of art created at different historical moments and within distinct geographies.

 Fiona Banner Aka The Vanity Press, Phantom, 2015, video installation.
Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London.

Fiona Banner – aka – The Vanity Press
Phantom – video still

In Phantom a drone camera simultaneously observes and harries the artist’s illustrated reprint of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, like a hawk chasing down its prey. As the drone attempts to focus on the text and images, the downdraught from its blades blow the pages back and forth in an endless fluttering dance.

 Photo: Mischa Haller. Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

Fiona Banner


Fiona Banner – aka – The Vanity Press
Phantom – video still

The text of Phantom is paired with images of Europe’s financial center, the City of London, which Banner commissioned from Magnum conflict photographer Paolo Pellegrin alongside Banner’s drawings depicting close-ups of pinstripes, a play on the historic livery and camouflage of the Financial Industry

Zattere – Canale della Giudecca



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