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Venice: Le Stanze del Vetro – Maurice Marinot. The Glass, 1911-1934 – Luncheon Party Photos

Le Stanze del Vetro
Maurice Marinot.  The Glass, 1911-1934

On the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Le Stanze del Vetro, presents the exhibition Maurice Marinot. The Glass, 1911-1934, until July 28, curated by Jean-Luc Olivie, of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, and Cristina Beltrami.   It is the first international tribute celebrating Maurice Marinot (1882-1960), a great glass artist, who revolutionized glassmaking techniques and taste. Marinot was a tireless experimenter, whose glass inventions were emulated for decades, he paved the way to contemporary glassmaking, thanks to his experimentation with forms and techniques.  The exhibition features 220 works in glass on loan from prestigious museums, as well as many preparatory drawings, showing the extraordinary ground-breaking production of the glass artist, from the early enamel works to the hand-blown pieces that Marinot created and modeled in person thanks to his remarkable skills and creativity.

  photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

“Marinot thus came to invent a new aesthetic of thick, heavy, “fleshy” glass based on the organic plasticity of the material that two millennia of glassblowing had not previously revealed.”
Jean-Luc Olivie

The curators, Jean-Luc Olivie, of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs and Cristina Beltrami with Marino Barovier, center

“I started by decorating enamel glassware, and I learned how to do this with great passion.”
Maurice Marinot

Installation View – Enamels 1911-1922
Sketches and variations for vases for Masion Cubiste – c. 1912-13

David Landau

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

“… I draw in broad strokes with a brush loaded with any material, then I cover each piece sparing the signs I had in mind. The first marks are thus the outline of what will eventually be etched.”
Marinot to G. Janneau – 1925

Vase – Double Masque – 1928

Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Michela Cattai

Massimo Micheluzzi, Silvia Dainese and Mara Rumiz

The glassmaker achieves his final result only by continuous attention and a precise interaction and cooperation with the slightest movements in the life of hot glass.”
M. Marinot – 1920

Flask – Waterfall – 1928
Flask – Stagnant Water – 1928
Flat Flask – 1928

Flat Flask – 1932

“This matter is born in a struggle, in fire, in smoke, and either defends itself or obeys in turn when I contrain it, while always respecting its nature”
Maurice Marinot  

Installation View - 1923-25

Square Bowl – 1928

Sandro Favaretto Rubelli

Paolo Diaz de Santillana, Laura de Santillana and Jean Blanchaert

Margherita Alvera and Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati

Fernando Mazzoccha, Marco Arosio and Mariella Motterlini

  photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

“The last years of production were characterized by Marinot’s total control over the material—which almost makes it ‘sing’.”
Leon Rosenthal – 1927

Installation View

Round Flask – 1933
Vase – 1931

Flat Flask – 1933
Flat Flask – 1924

Alberto and Barbara Berlingieri

 Luca De Michelis

Alba Di Lieto and Giorgio Vigna

 Chris Mason and Daniela Chiara

Projects and Research
Sketches for acid-etched vases - 1925-30
Sketches for vases with hot-shaped ribbon inclusion – c.1920-35

Giorgio Mastinu and Martin Bethenod

Manfredi della Gherardesca, Bianca and Gilberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga

“Marinot’s manifest interest in technique and his constant experimentation with an innovative approach to glassmaking took on theoretical form … when he publicly distanced himself from ‘the proud feats and juggling tricks of the Venetians’.”
Cristina Beltrami

Flat Flask – 1929
Square Bowl with Base – 1933

Flat Flask – 1934

Vase – Mask – 1926
Flask – 1931

  Roberta Camerino

Attilio and Mario Codognato

Elisabetta Barisoni

Flat Flask – 1925

Isola di San Giorgio – Monumental Complex
The lunch Party
An Al fresco luncheon was held in one of the two Palladian courtyards of the ex- Benedictine Monastery of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

Rosi Kahane and Anna Hrankovicova

Fernando Mazzoccha, Francesca Marzotto Coatorta and
Pasquale Gagliardi

Joan Jonas and Ozu

Mary Ann Kennedy and Simon Heah

Alain Baczynsky

Victoria Westerman, Marcus Reymann and Natasha Gertler

Gianluigi Calderone 

Feleksan Onar and Giordana Naccari

Roberta Rossi

Jane da Mosto, Monica Beltrametti, Martin Walker,
Anna and Chris Wayman

Maria Grazia Rosin
Lella Curiel and Adalberto Cremonesi

Birkem de Montebello

Luigi Macioce and Alessia Allegretti

Roberto De Feo

David Hrankovic and Alma Zevi

Helene de Franchis

Camilla Purdon and Mimi Todhunter

Antonella Boralevi

Valentina Marangoni, Morella Morelli, Flavia Fossa Margutti, Alessandro Tusset, Pamela Berry and Victoria Diaz de Santillana

Martina and Vettor Grimani 

Chiarastella Cattana

Elio Messi and Souan Keith

Photograph and copyright Manfredi Bellati

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore
Fondazione Giorgio Cini - Monumental Complex and Maze


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