Thursday, July 05, 2018

Venice: Not Only Biennale - Palazzo Grassi - Cows by the Water - Albert Oehlen

  Not Only Biennale - Palazzo Grassi
Albert Oehlen – Cows by the Water

At Palazzo Grassi, Cows by the Water, until January 6, is a monographic exhibition devoted to Albert Oehlen. Curated by Caroline Bourgeois, the exhibition lays out a path dedicated to his production through a selection of approximately 85 works, including some lesser-known ones, created between the 1980s and today. 

“Albert Oehlen is an artist who loves to persevere. If certain themes reappear throughout his work, it is because he wants to give himself the opportunity to push his analysis further, reevaluate his own work, reinterpret a melody with a different inflection”
Caroline Bourgeois
Albert Oehlen – Cows by the Water
Untitled – 2015-2016
oil - lacquer- paper on canvas

The works brought together come from the Pinault Collection as well as from other major private collections and international museums. Conceived with the artist specifically for the spaces of Palazzo Grassi, the unique exhibition path is not chronological but rather suggests a syncopated rhythm between various genres and periods, thereby underlining the central role played by music in the artist’s practice. Music emerges as a real metaphor of his work method, where contamination and rhythm, improvisation and repetition, density and harmony of sounds become pictorial gestures.

Untitled – 1991
oil on canvas
Self-Portrait with Palette – 2002-2005
oil on board

I 33 – 2013
paper on canvas

  Untitled - 2016-1996
oil on Canvas
Space Travel
oil on canvas

Though refusing to be determined by a specific artistic movement, Albert Oehlen reveals himself to be a major figure of contemporary painting thanks to his artistic research in constant evolution, dedicated to experiments and to overcoming formal limits rather than to the subject represented.

  Road to Oehle – 1999
oil on canvas

“…to see Albert Oehlen’s works as territories. In fact, the effects of frontiers, encroachments and rearrangements appear to be innumerable. The secret law – never stated, constantly modified – that governs these developments is that of palimpsest, sedimentation, foliation, very often even jamming.”
Jean-Pierre Criqui
art historian

 Construction 5 – 2010
charcoal – acrylic on canvas

Untitled – Installation – 2005
Forms and Sounds – 1996
oil on canvas

The Skateroom with Albert Oehlen
“The Skateroom’s main purpose is to empower youth through art & skateboarding. We are incredibly grateful to launch this edition with Albert Oehlen at Palazzo Grassi. Collaborating with visionary artists such as Albert Oehlen is not only humbling but also inspiring since it allows us to support an NGO and build a skate park in some parts of the world.”
Charles-Antoine Bodson

  For the duration of the exhibition, in the atrium of Palazzo Grassi, Albert Oehlen, presents his project Cofftea/Kafftee, proceeds go to charity.

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