Saturday, March 11, 2017

Milano: Converso – Franco Mazzucchelli – Re-appropriations Installation

Milano: Converso – Franco Mazzucchelli – Re-appropriations Installation. Converso is a new exhibition space in the former church of San Paolo Converso, built between 1549-1619 and hosts frescos by Giulio and Antonio Campi, today it is also the headquarters of the architectural firm CLS Architetti. The church was deconsecrated by Napoleon, later it was used as a storage space, a concert hall and a recording studio for, among others, Maria Callas.
Franco Mazzucchelli – Untitled – 1969 – inflatable PVC

Franco Mazzucchelli – Re-appropriations Installation
Converso presents Re-appropriations, until April 1, a site-specif installation of Milan-based artist Franco Mazzucchelli, curated by Michele D’Aurizio. Since the early 1970s Franco Mazzucchelli has created environmental installations, in which inflatable volumes of joined sheets of polyethylene are made walk-able and live-able. They are intended to disrupt the perception of a familiar place, and to open a getaway from daily routine by suggesting an unfamiliar view of the surrounding space. In the case of Re-appropriations, this attempt brackets out and isolates a portion of a public space and exhorts people to take over that space and redefine it, ultimately, to rediscover the potential of public spaces to solicit spontaneous socialization, in which human encounters are freed of hierarchy, and class, gender and ethnic differences become effaced.
Franco Mazzucchelli

Curator Michele D’Aurizio and artistic director Alexander May
San Paolo Converso
Franco Mazzucchelli – Re-appropriations Installation – The Altar

Michele Lupi and Massimiliano Locatelli


Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Mariuccia Casadio and Michele D’Aurizio

Paola Sanlorenzo and Enrica Massei

Michel Comte and Ayako Yoshida

Davide Agrati, Giovanna Cornelio and Annamaria Scevola


Marzio Rusconi Clerici

San Paolo Converso

Franco Mazzucchelli – Re-appropriations Installation

Umberta Gnutti Beretta, Warly Tomei and Cristina Morozzi

Rafael Herman, Cloe Piccoli and Tim Power



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