Tuesday, March 07, 2017

MFW – Missoni: A story of Fashion - Friends – Femininity and Human Rights


“I feel the need to recognize that in a time of uncertainty there is a bond between us that can keep us strong and safe:  the bond that unites those that respect the Human Rights of all… Please join me and my family on the catwalk, let’s show the world that we are united and fearless.”
Angela Missoni

MFW 2017 – Missoni: A story of Fashion  - Friends – Femininity and Human Rights. Angela Missoni asked girlfriends to participate in her project for Women’s Rights, asking each one of us to wear a Missoni “Pussyhat” for a photo shoot backstage before the Winter 2017 fashion show. And, at the end of the beautiful, joyful, colorful and “classical” Missoni show, she asked everybody in the audience to join her onstage wearing a pussyhat enclosed in the press kit on each seat.

Missoni - Winter 2017
The Inspiration for the collection was the view from Angela Missoni’s window of the Monte Rosa: the solidity of the mountain and the softness of its pinkish hues, a morning inspiration in her tireless quest to define Missoni’s style as its creative director. A photo of which was used as a backdrop for the fashion show. 

Carlo Capasa

Daniela Morera Terry Dwan and Rosita Missoni

Tessa Kuragi


Missoni - Winter 2017

Missoni - Winter 2017 – Backstage
Models wear classic Missoni zigzag print bathrobes while they hang around between make-up and hair.

Hair – Anthony Turner and Gigi Hadid
“A bit of a protest collection celebrating femininity, individuality and women - quintessential Missoni.”
Anthony Turner
Make-Up – Aaron de Mey
“The inspiration was the girls, respecting their individual beauty. An exercise in texture with beautiful shine on eyelids and cheeks. Velvet skin. Very neutral palette. A clean pure look.”
Aaron de Mey

Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Marco Maccapani and Ilaria Boschetti

Chiara Rusconi and Sabina Donadel

Teresa Maccapani Missoni and Giovanni Magnano

 Patricia Urquiola, Alberto Zontone and Nina Yashar

The Front Row

Tim Blanks and Angela Missoni
 Carmela Cipriani
Jane da Mosto, Gerlinde Guelfenbein Hobel, Servane Giol and Nori Vaccari Starck

Matilde and Albertina Marzotto

Patrick Kinmonth

Delfina Pinardo and Arthur Arbesser
Francesco Maccapani Missoni and Johnny


Fabrine Constantini

 Bruno Ragazzi and Luisa Beccaria
Fausto Puglisi

Missoni Winter 2017

Manos Samartzis and Stella Jean

Gio Marconi
Yvonne Scio and Marco Maccapani

Ottavio Missoni, Anna Cleveland and Francesco Maccapani Missoni
 Sibilla Camurati

Giacomo Missoni, Lydia, Matthew and Dylan Deane

Filippo Fortis and Arianna Luppino

Tereza Maxova and Burakem Oymenem
 Francesca Donati

Missoni Winter 2017
Press kit







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