Monday, May 23, 2016

New York: Whitney Museum of American Art – Mirror Cells

“As a group, [the artists in Mirror Cells] acknowledge an overarching difficulty in being in the world at this moment, whether due to personal traumas, the broader state of affairs, or even the expectations that come with the professionalization of artists today.”

New York - Art: Whitney Museum of American Art – Mirror Cells. The exhibition Mirror Cells, until August 21, curated by Chrispher Y. Lew and Jane Panetta, brings together five artists; Liz Craft, Rochelle Goldberg, Elizabeth Jaeger, Maggie Lee, and Win McCarthy, who embrace a narrative sensibility, forging aesthetic and conceptual links among discrete sculptural worlds.   The featured works are often made as responses to experiences and concerns beyond the artist’s studio, sparking empathy on social, political and personal levels.  Largely composed of modest materials such as wood, clay, plaster, and fabric, these works engage the viewer through a sense of immediacy and tactility. 
Above. Christopher Y. Lew, Win McCarthy, Liz Craft, Elizabeth Jaeger and Jane Panetta.

Courtesy Whitney - the artist - Off Vendome, New York

Mirror Cells

Win McCarthy – Sunday Afternoon at 5 CR - 2015

Mirror Cells

Elisabeth Jaeger – Vessel - 2016

  Mirror Cells

Liz Craft – Mermaid (Becky); cameo by pentti Monkkonen – 2008-15

Mirror Cells

Rochelle Goldberg – No Where, Now Here – 2016 - detail

Mirror Cells

Maggie Lee –TV Installation - 2016


The Whitney’s Adam Weinberg and Scott Rothkopf

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