Sunday, April 10, 2016

New York: Demner Miletto - A “Secret” Jewelry Salon

“The whole shopping experience has changed.”
Natascha Demner

New York: Demner Miletto - A “Secret” Jewelry Salon. Austrian estate meets Italian modernity at Demner Miletto, the new by-appointment only jewelry salon, which is the go-to for gem seekers and design lovers. Founders Natascha Demner and Antonia Miletto curate some of the most stunning and rarely seen jewels on the market today. Its opening gives the beloved gallery Demner, which was located on a prominent corner of Madison Avenue for 20 years, a new home, and creates a wondrous space for Antonia Miletto's handmade precious wood and gemstone creations.
Above. Demner Miletto located within the century-old Lissberger Mansion, on a quiet block of East 71st Street, just off Madison Avenue.  Necklace with heart by Antonia Miletto - natural horn, yellow gold – candlestick by Hagenuer - Wien.

“Customers today are looking for personal relationships to match the intimacy that jewelry inspires.”

Natascha Demner and Antonia Miletto

Natascha Demner is a third-generation Viennese collector and dealer who has been in the jewelry industry for 20 years. She has just returned to New York after three years spent living in Tuscany. Her eponymous family business, Demner, was started by her grandmother Lola in Vienna 50 years ago, and brought to the United States by her father Henryk in the Eighties. The stylish Antonia Miletto is an Italian jewelry designer who splits her time between New York and Venice, where in 2007 she opened a sleek and sophisticated boutique, on the Calle delle Botteghe, which showcases her designs that celebrate the union between precious woods and precious stones.

Demner Miletto – Antonia Miletto

Artiglio Bracelets – Macassar wood – cognac diamonds
All jewels designed by Antonia Miletto are handmade in Italy by skilled artisans who have spent years honing their craft.

Demner Miletto
Hedy Martinelli  - Necklace - gold, Australian pearls
Demner - 1940s Estate Set Jewels – diamonds, rubies, citrine quartz

The on-site offerings at Demner Miletto range from Demner’s mid-century estate collection of retro gold bracelets and one-of-a-kind objets d’art.


Demner Miletto 
Demner  - Mouse ring - gold, diamonds 

"It’s people, that we’ve fallen in love with.”

Demner Miletto
Hedy Martinelli – RomeEarings
Francesca Belgiojoso – Milano – Collages

In addition to their own treasures, Natascha and Antonia bring to New York the work of independent European designers, introducing their collections for the first time in the United States

Demner Miletto
  Antonia Miletto – Earings – a selection


Demner Miletto
Palwer – Venezia – a selection

Demner Miletto
Antonia Miletto bangles- natural horn – gold, cognac diamonds


Demner Miletto
Hagenauer – Wien - Sculptures


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