Monday, April 25, 2016

Milano: Fuori Salone 2016 - Brera Design District – Missoni – Moroso – Matteo Thun

Fuori Salone 2016 - Brera Design District
Missoni - Knitown – Installation

“Knitown is one of the most recent projects by my daughter Angela and Aldo Lanzini. A kind of mesh city, a design and fashion installation.  Settings with iconic Missoni fabrics from the Home Collection.”
Rosita Missoni

Rosita and Angela Missoni

Missoni - Knitown - Marva Griffin and Maurizio Galante

Missoni - Knitown - Federico Marchetti

Missoni - Knitown – Marco Porcini,  Carlo Capasa, Olga Khomko and Fabio Novembre


Missoni - Knitown – Christoph Radl and Aldo Cibic

Fuori Salone 2016 - Brera Design District

Missoni - Knitown – Installation

Seen in Brera - Nathalie Jean and Xavier Lust


Salvatori Showroom – Matteo Thun Atelier
Gypsy Love – Capsule Collection

Young stylists and interior designers of Matteo Thun’s studio were given maximum liberty to propose different possibilities of styles personalizing selected furniture and lighting objects.  The Gipsy Love edition is limited to five pieces each.  Parts of the sales will be donated to Ranginsi Onlus, a non profit foundation helping to improve the lifes of retired craftsmen.

Seen in Brera – Daniela Morera

Fuori Salone 2016 - Brera Design District

Moroso – Ron Arad – Spring to Mind

"Ron is a very intelligent person and that means he takes the appropriate approach to design. Things that are obvious don't interest him. Ron debuted in industrial design with us. That's something I’m very proud of."
Patrizia Moroso

The Spring to Mind exhibition in the Moroso Brera showroom, is a tribute to Ron Arad and his 25-year creative partnership with Moroso. The exhibition's narrative-installation, curated by Marco Viola Studio, visually represented the emotion of a creative and human bond. 

Ron Arad and Soft Easy– designed 1988

Soft Little Easy - 2008
Child size Big Easy with applications of pins made for photographic shooting for Abitare il Tempo
Soft Little Easy – 1991
small armchiar covered in blue Divina cloth 

  Terry Dwan, Antonio Citterio and Patrizia Moroso

Rover Chair – 1981
Tubular steel, cast-iron Kee Klamps joints – original Rover 2L leather seat – edition by One Off, London
Moreover – 2007
Chromed steel prototype for an edition by Ron Arad Associates, London

Ron Arad - Sof-Sof – 1995

Ron Arad


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