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Venezia – Opening: New Palladian Rooms in the Gallerie dell’Accademia

“The plaster casts of Canova now live here, where even the lion’s paw is finally free.”
Tobia Scarpa

Venezia – Opening:  New Palladian Rooms in the Gallerie dell’Accademia. The Gallerie dell’Accademia are enriched with seven new rooms set in the wing of the convent of the Canonici Lateranensi designed by Andrea Palladio. This is a further important step towards the realization of the ambitious project of the Great Galleries promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, and was made possible through the support of the Venice International Foundation - Friends of Venice Italy Inc., chaired by Franca Coin, and Venice in Peril Fund, chaired by Jonathan Keates, as part of the UNESCO Joint Program - International Private Committees for the safeguarding of Venice.
Above. Antonio Canova – Lions – 1783-1792 –plaster casts –monument Clemente XIII Rezzonico. The Palladian Wing designed by Andrea Palladio.

photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati

Minister for Heritage, Culture and Tourism
Dario Franceschini

Venice International Foundation - Friends of Venice Italy Inc.

Franca Coin and Dario Franchescini

Venice in Peril, Fund - Lady Clarke
Le Gallerie dell’Accademia – Giulio Manieri Elia

New Palladian Rooms in the Gallerie dell’Accademia. Giulio Manieri Elia and Roberta Battaglia, who together with neo director Paola Marini scientifically organized the route of the new seven rooms designed to host the heroes of Venetian art in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and especially with great attention to the works of Antonio Canova. Canova's works are mostly exposed in the light gallery overlooking the Palladian courtyard where the famous plaster casts of the great artist are in dialogue with each other and with the architecture of the great architect Andrea Palladio. 

Above. Le Gallerie dell’Accademia’s Roberta Battaglia - Bas Relief Antonio Canova. 


 Le Gallerie dell’Accademia - director
Paola Marini
Comite Francais pour la Sauvegarde de Venise – president
Jerome Zieseniss

 Venice in Peril Fund
 Dario Franceschini and Jonathan Keates
Lady Clarke and Marina Morrison Atwater

John Millerchip
UNESCO – head of culture
Veronique Dauge

Accademia di Belle Arti – Venezia – president
Luigino and Roberta Rossi

New Palladian Rooms in the Gallerie dell’Accademia. The layout of the restoration was led by Tobia Scarpa and guarantees a formal continuity in the context of the important restoration project of the Grandi Gallerie dell’Accademia co-directed with Renata Codello. This intervention is aimed at enhancing the extraordinary heritage collected in over two centuries of Venetian history within the magnificent spaces of the Palladian convent, at last be enjoyed by the public on a permanent basis.
Above. Architect Tobia and Valeria Scarpa.

  photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati

New Palladian Rooms in the Gallerie dell’Accademia. An entire room is dedicated to Francesco Hayez a great pupil of the Venetian Academy, next to his early works, amongst which the Rinaldo and Armida, will be exposed the Distruzione del Tempio di Gerusalemme considered to be his spiritual testament.

Above. The Francesco Hayez Room - Rinaldo and Armida – 1813-14.

Giovanni Alliata di Montereale and prefect of Venice, Domenico Cuttaia

Franca Coin and Alessandra Mancino

Tonci and Barbara Foscari

director Museo Diocesano in Venice, Don Gianmatteo Caputo and Davide Zoggia

Bartolomeo Ferrari da Antonio Canova – Pieta – 1830
plaster cast
Antonio Canova - Pieta – 1817-1821

Venetian Heritage president and vice president
Valentina Nasi Marini Clarelli and Toto Bergamo Rossi


Laura Scarpa, Pamela Berry Morasutti Vitale, Alessandro Tusset, Novella Papafava dei Carraresi and Gigi Bon

Luigi Borro – La Liberazione dell’Ossesso - 1850

Plaster – detail


Fabio Moretti and Alessandra Zoppi - Isabella Casa Palumbo Fossati
Piergiorgio Coin and Inma Cavallucci de Dalmases
Hugues Le Gallais and Justine Bradley – Irina Ivancich Marchesi
Ketty Alvera and Liesl Odenweller

  Luca Massimo Barbero and Fabio Moretti

Photograph and copyright Manfredi Bellati

Antonio Canova – Busto di Napoleone – 1803-06


Cesare De Michelis

Giandomenico Romanelli – Valeria Regazzoni and Lorenzo Cinotti 

 Erilde Terenzoni

President Venice International Foundation - Franca Coin
Mayor of Venice – Luigi Brugnaro and
Minister for Culture, Heritage and Tourism - Dario Franceschini

Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia director – Gabriella Belli
La Biennale di veneziapresident - Paolo Baratta

Canova - restorers
Gea Storace and Stefano Provinciali
Antonio Canova – Paride - 1807-1812

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection - director
Philip Rylands and Micky White


We Are Here Venice – co-founder

Jane da Mosto

Save Venice – Be Specific – badge

An uprising founded by Vivienne Westwood. Petitions, actions and rallies to save our future. Everything is connected.


Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana – director
Maurizio Messina


Museo Correr - director
Andrea Bellieni

Emanuela Bassetti

Renato Pellicioli and Teresa Baldi Guarinoni

Christopher and Anna Wayman

Gallerie dell’Accademia – Andrea Palladio

Palladian Wing



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