Sunday, May 10, 2015

Venice: Biennale – Around Town – Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio Exhibition

Venice: Biennale – Around Town – Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio Exhibition. The Proportio exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny is organized by Axel and May Vervoordt Foundation and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, on until November 22. It is curated by Axel Vervoordt and Daniela Ferretti and explores the omnipresence of universal proportions in art, science, music and architecture.
Above. Five large architectural pavilions designed by Axel Vervoordt and architect Tasuro Miki in collaboration with Jorgen Hempel and built using solely organic materials, transform the Sala Gondola on the ground floor. Each pavilion is designed according to ‘sacred’ dimensions, providing a physical embodiment of proportional features for visitors to experience as they walk through the empty spaces.

Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio - Francesco Poli, Eddi De Wolf, Daniela Ferretti, Tatsuro Miki, Gira Gratier, Axel Vervoordt, Jorgen Hempel and Mireille Capelle. Behind: Henri Foucault and Dominique Strooband.

Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio. An installation and performance by Shuji Mukai entitled, Space of the Signs Selfie Studio, it occupies the room leading to the upper level, examining how visitors experience artistic spaces in the age of ubiquitous self-representation and social media.


Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio. The Piano Nobile or Fortuny Floor is filled with a variety of architectural works. The room also presents a large ‘ideal’ library with antiquarian editions. Canvases on back wall by Luciano Fabro - Ogni Ordine e Contemporaneo d’Ogni Altro Ordine: Quattro Modi d’Esaminare La Facciata del Ss. Redentore a Venezia – series of four screen prints on various papers. 


Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio 
Michael Borremans – Raio – 2014 – oil on canvas.
Cristiano Bianchin – Public Observatory – 2010-2015 – polished stones, glass, hemp and wooden polyhedral

Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio - Marta Dell’AngeloA4 2089 Caryatids – 2015 – installation – 2089 A4 sheets of paper with colored prints, nails

Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio – Anish Kapoor – Gathering Clouds – 2014 – fiberglass and paint

Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio
Antonio Canova – Paris – 1807 – plaster.
Vincenzo Castella – Aiming at the Dusk – 2013 – video projection

Palazzo Fortuny – Proportio – Otto Boll – Helix – 2014 – Aluminum, steel

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