Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New York: Russ and Daughters Cafe

New York: Russ and Daughters Cafe.  The Russ and Daughters specialty food shop on the Lower East Side of New York has been the purveyor of the highest quality smoked fish, caviar and specialty foods since 1914.  This New York institution has been run by four generations of the Russ family, and is a old-world landmark shop.  A year ago the descendants Joshua Russ Tupper and his cousin Niki Russ Federman opened the Russ and Daughters Cafe, a short walk around the corner from the shop. Nice and airy the cafe serves classic delicious smoked fish dishes as well as pickled herring, latkes, and caviar. The extensive and delicious egg dishes range from; eggs with lox and onions to soft scrambled eggs with caviar, and more. You can also order open-faced sandwiches, soups, salads, and again caviar with all the accouterments.

Joshua Russ Tupper stand besides a photograph of his mother and aunts and grandfather

Russ and Daughters Cafe – Borscht
Served chilled: beets, sour cream, dill with pumpernickel
Contessanally Taste Stars ***

  Russ and Daughters Cafe – Shrubs – Beet Cherry Plum
Shrubs are the equivalent to the process of pickling – invented as a way to preserve fruit with vinegar, shrubs have been used to flavor drinks in America since the Eighteenth century
Contessanally – Taste Stars ** must be an acquired taste?

Russ and Daughters Cafe – Super Heebster Bagel Toast
whitefish and baked salmon salad, Wasabi-infused fish roe, horseradish dill cream cheese, bagel toast
Contessanally – Taste Stars ***** so good I could have eaten two

Russ and Daughters Cafe 

Russ and Daughters Cafe – Lox, Eggs and Onions
toasted shissel rye
Contessanally – Taste Stars ***

Russ and Daughters Cafe – Halvah Ice Cream
Halvah, sesame, salted caramel
Contessanally - Taste Stars * - the ice ream is far too sweet and the texture is too “splintered”

“A meal without a sweet dish is like a story without a moral.”
Yiddish idiom

Russ and Daughters Cafe - The Kitchen
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