Friday, May 15, 2015

NEW YORK: John Derian – Hugo Guinness – New Work - Exhibition Opening

NEW YORK: John Derian – Hugo Guinness – New Work - Exhibition Opening.  In the John Derian Furniture store in the East Village the opening of Hugo Guinness’s New Works exhibition. The exhibit is all about expressing and celebrating love through flowers, a lot of the images are of bouquets and have titles like Lots of Love and so on.” John Derian, who has been his dealer for thirteen years, explains.

John Derian and Hugo Guinness

John Derian – Hugo Guinness – New Work. Hugo Guinness’s new style of work include Lino-cuts where he brushes ink onto linoleum blocks giving the print a more painterly feel. The eclectic Mr. Guinness provided the voice of Nathan Bunce in the film Fantastic Mr Fox he has designed a clothing line and recently, co-wrote with director Wes Anderson, the story for the film The Grand Budapest Hotel which gained him a shared nomination for the Oscars.

Voilet and Hugo Guinness, Wes Anderson, Juman Malouf and Elliott Puckette

Cal McKeever and Isabella Guinness

Rachel Ray

Wes Anderson, Hugo Guinness and Anna Wintour

Mike Quinn and Amy Morris

Hamish Bowles

Mary Frances Young and John Robshaw

Pilar Viladas with a work by Livia Cetti - The Green Vase

Delicious catering by cook book author Susan Simon

Mark Haldeman, Susan Simon and Stephen Johnson

Federique van der Wal

John Derian – Hugo Guinness – New Work Exhibition - ink works

David Coggins, Taavo Somer and Duncan Hannah

 CJ Guinness and Mr. Shadow

Amy Chaplin and Craig Thompson

Kevin Doherty and Sharon Jacobs

Marti Wilkerson and Thomas Engelhart

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