Sunday, May 24, 2015

New York – Chelsea – Pace Gallery - Lucas Samaras Album 2 Exhibition

New York – Chelsea – Pace Gallery - Lucas Samaras Album 2 Exhibition. A new exhibition of works by Lucas Samaras  entitled Album 2 at the Pace Gallery Chelsea, until June 27, features 700 photographs and a mirrored room installation.


Pace Gallery Lucas Samaras Album 2.  Samaras continues his exploration of manipulated images and identity with 700 digitally altered images that sit on a shelf lining the longest lengths of the gallery. Comprised mostly of self-portraits, the photographs reflect the artist’s unrelenting self-inquiry. Among the recent self-portraits, Samaras has interspersed personal family photographs with childhood images of himself, transforming the project into a personal archive and a biographical inquiry. The manipulations of the photographs refer back to the rainbow-tinged Auto-Polaroids Samaras began in the 1960s and his Photo-Transformations of the 1970s. Using a range of techniques from filters to mirroring and doubling, Samaras’s manipulations form visual metaphors for the psychological probing and self-investigation that appears throughout the artist’s oeuvre. The filters and changes that characterize this massive body of images also refer to his proto-Photoshop works of the 1980s and digital videos in the 2000s, constituting something of an archive of previous techniques.

Pace Gallery Lucas Samaras Album 2. Download the app with all the images in the exhibition and a new text from the artist.

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