Friday, March 20, 2015

Murano – Craftsmen: Lost Wax – Giorgio Giuman

 photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Murano – Craftsmen: Lost Wax – Giorgio Giuman.  The laboratory of Giorgio Giuman on the Island of Murano combines the technique of lost wax and Murano Glass. Since 1980, Giuman is a master craftsman, he is a specialist in precision casting and faithful reproduction with the lost wax technique. Countless are the techniques of glass processing but, in addition to the classic "hand flying", we are the only ones in the area to work glass with the lost wax technique creating works with the utmost perfection distinguishable in every detail.”
Above. The bust of the Emperor Caesar Augustus, designed by Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga for Giberto is obtained with the technique of lost wax, it is available in three colors, Amber, Black and Crystal.

Giorgio Giuman.  Murano Glass is the envy of the world thanks to the imagination, ability and passion of teachers who know how to carry on an ancient art that gratifies the eye, the spirit and the mind. I can count myself among these. Almost by accident, I approached this amazing material and I was fascinated. A mixture of minerals, silica sand and soda; the result of which is known throughout the world for which Murano glass is synonymous; light, beauty and harmony. Evoking my dreams, I found the colors and shapes to forge my happiness and, with the help of my team, I was able to create magical works from which transpire musicality, harmony and light. I am followed in my adventure by my sons, who have also established themselves as high level glassmakers and will continue in my footsteps.”

Lost Wax – Giorgio Giuman.  The technical ingenuity and inventiveness of Giorgio Giuman, his tenacious trials and long experience, attracts artists and internationally renowned architects who, over the years have made in his laboratory sculptures, ornamental glass facades of buildings and monumental projects.
Above. Work in progress for Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
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